branding your business

How to adopt a growth hacker’s mindset

If you’re a new startup or small business, chances are you don’t have a large budget for marketing your business. If this is the case, how are you supposed to compete with the established players in your space with their brand recognition and hefty marketing budgets? The answer may lie in a phrase that is rapidly entrenching itself in the Silicon Valley lexicon.

How to handle criticism as an entrepreneur

On an emotional level, you might be tempted to go on an angry tirade and strike back against those who criticize you, but that might not be wise. Here are a few tips on handling criticism maturely and responsibly.

3 tips for teaching your employees to use social media

The importance of social media marketing is beyond dispute. In the last few years, there has been a voluminous amount of research supporting the belief that businesses that use social media outlets and viral marketing campaigns have significant advantages over those that don’t.

Are you a good entrepreneur and leader?

Branding your business in a complex industry can be taxing if you’re a startup company. It’s important to remain committed to developing your corporate and public image, as these characteristics are often what help you attract top talent.