Market your small business with promotional videos

Branding your business is all about creating a public image and projecting it to the world. To market your brand effectively, you need your message to reach as many people as possible. These days, the best way to reach the public is by publishing videos. Traditional advertisements are still an option, but Americans are watching video online more than ever, and this trend has become too prevalent to ignore.

According to Invodo’s latest research, 67 percent of consumers are regularly going online to watch videos, which is a sharp increase from 50 percent a year ago. Furthermore, 45 percent have watched at least five product videos in the last three months – last year, that same figure was at 36 percent.

Creating an effective video marketing campaign is hardly an option anymore. It’s becoming a necessity. Here are a few tips on how your business can effectively get into the video revolution.

Emphasize quality content
To fully embrace the video movement, you can’t settle for shoddy work. Invodo found that 54 percent of consumers have a preference for “polished, professional-looking videos,” and the last thing you want to do is alienate potential customers with poor work. Be willing to spend a little extra on quality material. It will pay off later.

Go into depth
Being concise is nice, but you don’t want to overemphasize it. Don’t stick to arbitrary time cutoffs, like the “30-second sweet spot” myth. Invodo also found that consumers spend 2.77 minutes on average watching videos with demonstrations, versus only 2.40 minutes for videos that simply talk about a brand’s values. Don’t hesitate to show off your product in great detail.

Embrace all video channels
The personal computer is still king. More people are watching videos on their PCs than on any other platform. But mobile devices are quickly gaining traction, so they shouldn’t be ignored. Make sure your video content is equally viewable on all devices. You don’t want to lose a portion of your market for technical reasons.

Consider other applications besides advertising
If promoting your brand with marketing videos works well, then you might want to consider using videos for other reasons, too. One example is video conferencing, which makes it easier to “meet” with clients without ever needing to travel. BizTech magazine projects that by 2016, nearly half of all information workers will have a personal video solution in place. You might be one of them.

Video is clearly changing the way small businesses create and maintain their brands. Has video already worked for you?

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