marketing strategies for small business

The crucial aspects of building an e-commerce presence

Although it’s happened slowly for some, the vast majority of small to medium-sized businesses have realized that if they want to grow, they need to shift a significant portion of their attention – and budgets – to the online marketplace.

3 tips for growing B2B businesses

There is a great deal of attention devoted to marketing strategies for small businesses trying to attract consumers, but there is a relative dearth of information for companies hoping to market their products and services to other businesses.

Benefits of mobile marketing for small business

Among the host of new-fangled technologies in today’s consumer landscape that have shifted the way companies and small businesses have to handle their marketing efforts, one of the most prominent innovations is the ubiquitous smartphone.

Make sure your advertising efforts are balanced

While you might allocate a significant portion of your marketing budget toward digital efforts, it’s important to remember that traditional marketing strategies for small business promotions can have a long-lasting effect on consumers.