3 tips for writing winning blog posts

Branding your business requires attention to detail and a point of view, which is why personable marketing strategies such as blogging are growing in popularity. Social marketing methods such as blogging help build a company’s brand image in a less formal way than a press release or billboard campaign. However, blogging requires a special touch to advance the corporate voice in a positive way.

Here are three tips for writing winning blog posts:

1. Develop a voice. To truly become part of a person’s usual reading blog rotation, a writer must possess some unique characteristic. Too often bloggers’ voices can run together into a singular group voice and the messages are lost – the individuality that would attract a reader to revisit a blog repeatedly is missing. Use your unique voice as a writer to attract, entertain or challenge readers’ perspectives.

2. Craft a strategic headline. It’s important to realize that people click on stories mostly due to the headline. Try to make that one sentence resonate with a potential reader and entice them to click on the link to your article. Use actionable verbs, keywords and a bit of wow to grab the attention of online browsers.

3. Spell out the message. Strong writing doesn’t leave anything up to chance. Don’t let your readers take away the wrong message because you failed to properly flush out your argument. A thoughtful and convincing blog post will detail your thought process and lead a reader to the conclusion you desire – even if they eventually disagree with your point.

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