How to grow your start-ups using social media

Continued growth and increased expansion as quickly as possible is usually the goal of most start-ups and their owners. However, with limited resources and without the advantages of economies of scale, even the most promising ideas and innovative products might not be enough to grow a company. To this end, start-ups should consider delving head first into social media, which has emerged as one of the most effective marketing strategies for small business. As a free service that is community-driven and features a theoretically bottomless pool of potential customers, social media networks offer a ton of advantages for small businesses in particular to take advantage of. Here are just a few tips on how to leverage the emerging technology to harness your company’s growth potential.

Never ignore a consumer
One of the biggest selling points of social media networks is the bridging of gaps between users and the companies, brands or celebrities they wish to interact directly with. Basically every social media network floating around the internet today – from Facebook to Twitter, from Pinterest to Yelp – features a host of opportunities for start-ups to speak directly to their fans, and vice versa. Inc. Magazine recommends answering everyone whenever possible, be it by retweeting customer tweets, following new fans, replying to mentions, or commenting on photos.

Develop a strong brand image and voice
Growing a company requires more than just adding new customers, creating innovative new products or increasing revenue. The biggest contributor toward a start-up’s growth is in developing strong brand equity and a positive brand image. Developing a powerful brand can be accomplished by creating a strong, consistent and authentic voice, according to Inc. Magazine. The best platform for displaying your company’s voice might be the various social media networks that you are involved with. Use these opportunities to craft a personality that can be shown by engaging on these networks.

Tinker and tweak as necessary
According to Leaders West, despite the fact that start-up founders are usually short on time and money, they should not be deterred from making a substantial commitment to social media. This doesn’t mean spending a great deal of money on these endeavors, but more importantly spending careful and thoughtful time on them. Refining your online presence regularly will ensure that the entire experience remains fresh to the audience. Don’t be afraid to make wholesale changes if they are necessary, or merely small tinkerings when needed.

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