3 reasons to promote your business on Google+

Facebook and Twitter may be the undisputed leaders in the land of social media, but companies hoping to improve their brand awareness online should be willing to explore some of the secondary channels as well.

The crucial aspects of building an e-commerce presence

Although it’s happened slowly for some, the vast majority of small to medium-sized businesses have realized that if they want to grow, they need to shift a significant portion of their attention – and budgets – to the online marketplace.

Tips for using AdWords to grow your business

Many companies work hard to increase their brand’s presence on search engines by producing a large volume of content, carefully selecting and inserting keywords or creating images or videos that attract clicks.

How are customers finding you online?

Mobile marketing strategies often involve some kind of social media application or text message blast. But more unique visitors use map services on their mobile devices today, and your outreach efforts should take this consumer trend into consideration.

Does keyword length matter?

Lead generation marketing is important for many businesses. In the digital era, search engine marketing (SEM) is often used to target and identify specific leads.

How to brand your Twitter account

Many professionals rely on social media for branding purposes. Whether using a networking site to encourage engagement or lead prospective buyers to an ecommerce site, the platform used often plays a significant role in the sales cycle.

Do Bing users spend 5 percent more than Google searchers?

In content marketing, it’s important you follow search engine optimization tips closely. The steps you take to develop a user-friendly website, one that features a comprehensive blog, often determine how well your lead generation marketing campaigns will do in the future.

How to cure your Penguin woes

By now, you have likely heard about Google Penguin and Panda, and how each algorithm update affected a significant number of websites in the first half of 2012.