Your Network Is Your Net Worth – An Interview With Porter Gale

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Porter Gale, former Vice President of Marketing at Virgin America from 2007 to 2011, and a leading business and marketing adviser.

She is a frequent and much sought after speaker on social media, networking and customer loyalty and her first book, Your Network Is Your Net Worth” is due to be released on June 6th. She holds a BSBA from Boston University and a Masters in Documentary Film and Video from Stanford University.


Porter Gale’s core vision in order to build a successful career, for herself or anyone else, is to begin by surrounding oneself with strong, capable allies. In our interview she explained the importance of good personal relationships for marketing a business. “It’s really about the team,” Ms. Gale explained.

“If you can surround yourself with a passionate team, you’re going to be a lot more effective. Try to empower people. Be as creative as you can – push boundaries, do things differently and as I always used to say, ‘Let’s fight mediocrity.’ Raise the bar with every single thing that you do in your business model.”

She strongly believes that personal relationships are a driving force behind everything in life; from business opportunities for an entrepreneur to career opportunities for an employee and to personal endeavors. Her book explores various anecdotes chronicling the power of personal connections, urging readers to make networking a greater part of their everyday life.

Porter Gale also evangelizes another important message: marketers in today’s turbulent business environment must have a strong focus on digital channels for promoting corporate messages. There are many facets of enhancing the digital presence. The first is to understand the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) – by ensuring that their content is front and center on Google and other sites, marketers can boost the visibility of their message.

Another important realm is social media, as Gale calls it “a really good engagement channel” for consumers. Companies can amass colossal databases of information on their customers, enabling them to stay well-versed and connected. When posting on social media, marketers can make a conscious effort to build their identity. They should consider their objective, their passions and their tonality, Ms. Gale explained, all while seeking to answer one fundamental question – are you a producer or a consumer? Either way, social media offers people a unique chance to stay digitally, and not only, connected.

“The wonderful thing about today is there really are no bounds to geography,” Gale said. “With social media and technology, we’re really in a global society. We’ve seen time and time again that miracles can happen and connections can be made. The world has been reduced from six degrees of separation down to three. Even if you’re in a rural area, you’re only three degrees away from someone who can change your life.”

In addition to her successful career and her new writing endeavor, Gale directs a program at creativeLIVE called “Building Your Brand.” Every business needs to have a clear message about its brand, and Gale works with marketers to help them find a consistent message that is meaningful to consumers.
Porter Gale’s successful career incorporates roles as a marketer, a producer of media content and a motivational speaker. Through her vast experience, she’s accumulated a lifetime’s worth of wisdom on forging personal connections, building a brand and a career.

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