Using Google Trends To Pump Up Your Content Marketing

With billions of individuals around the globe tapping into Google on a daily basis, businesses looking to improve their content marketing strategies should consider doing so with the help of the popular search engine. Google Trends, an analytical application that breaks down search statistics, can provide companies with valuable knowledge in terms of public interest and search behavior, according to Content Marketing Institute. In turn, this data will enable organizations to direct their attention to certain aspects of their content that are lacking, whether it is SEO or brand messages.

How it works
Essentially, Google Trends provides an overview of the most commonly searched items throughout the world. A company can use this tool to determine the topics that are most important to consumers by sorting the data into various groupings to help them narrow their focus on target customers. Content Marketing Institute explains that the application allows organizations to view search trends from particular geographic regions, time periods and categories, enabling them to compare as many as five search terms simultaneously. If a company does not want to personally select its own phrases to compare, it can simply consult charts of top terms compiled by Google that pertain to different topics, from science to sports.

Making your first content marketing moves
After referencing Google Trends, businesses may be wondering where to go from there with regards to pumping up their marketing content. The very first component of their content to be addressed should be their SEO practices, Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0, states . Companies can use Google Trends to conduct their research, comparing all of the possible keywords to see how frequently the public is searching for those terms. Once an organization determines which top search words or phrases are most relevant to its business, it will be able to select and implement the most strategic keywords within its content. As Google is continuously updating its data, companies should regularly monitor their keywords to ensure that these terms are still popular, making any necessary adjustments if they start to trend downward.

SEO isn’t the only solution
If businesses feel that their content is already up to snuff in the SEO department, they can still profit from utilizing the information generated by Google Trends. With the analytics providing useful insight into the most popular topics for consumers, you may look to make adjustments when branding your business, Content Marketing Institute suggests. By seeing what the public considers “in,” companies can modify their business messages to accommodate popular interests. If Internet users can’t stop searching for terms like “hormone-free,” then organizations within the food industry should make sure that their content clearly articulates their commitment to going organic. The same goes for any trend sweeping different markets at any given time.

Those that aren’t looking to completely overhaul their websites to conform to consumer interest should at least consider producing more temporary content related to these matters just to make their brands more relevant, Content Marketing Institute recommends. Companies should look to create blog or social media posts associated with current hot topics on the Internet. As some trends come and go, generating these forms of content will allow companies to show that they can keep up with the times. This will make them far more appealing and searchable to consumers, which should vastly improve their marketing results.

Google Trends to benefit marketing my business

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