Maximize Your Lead Gen with the Authenticity Factor

What are some of your main lead generators that you can think of? You have referrals, your sales cycle, your website, business cards, and your keep in touch program. There are more than these, but you get the point.

In order for your lead generation to work for you time and time again, I believe that your lead generators MUST have a back end to support and honor where and how you have decided to put your stake in the ground. Your leads come in from the awareness you create about your business’ own self expression. The authenticity factor can help you decide what you want to say to your future clients.

Growth in opportunities and client share can depend heavily on how authentic your business’ voice is. When I look at your business from a coaching standpoint, I want to see what your business is fighting for in regards to your client base. I want to know where your business stands in the sea of your competition. How is your business differentiated within the community of your target market?

So, let me come out and ask you, what is your signature philosophy? Does your signature philosophy tell a story about your values as a small business owner? Is your signature philosophy speaking your truth or are you selling yourself short? Is your client reach a small extension of what it could be? SPEAK your truth, tell your story. Yes, we do want to hear it. Do you know why? As a consumer, I want to know your story, because if it resonates with me I will want to buy from you.

There may be other businesses that offer what you do, but there is only ONE you. I promise it’s true. There is only ONE you with your secret spices and granny’s recipe.

One of my mentors is bestselling author, Michael Port. Michael wrote an outstanding book called, “Book Yourself Solid: The fastest, easiest, and most reliable system for getting more clients than you can handle even if you hate marketing and selling”. I mention Michael to you because as you read his book, it is quite clear why he gets up in the morning, what he is fighting for in respect to his client base and, more importantly, his signature philosophy. It is everywhere in his teaching throughout the book and his live seminars. There is NO question about it.

If you want to get the stamp of approval for BIG bold expression, you need to take some time and be sure, you have looked at three key factors for authenticity. They are as follows:

  • What is my story?
  • Why am I here in business today?
  • What is it about serving others that I love and cannot wait to get out of bed each morning to accomplish?

I am going to wait here, while you write all that down. Take your time.

Once you have answered those key questions, there is one more design detail I want you to be sure of. Ask yourself this – does my signature philosophy, which is my authenticity factor, stand out in my current lead generation system? Your main source of lead generation will come from your

  • Sales Cycle
  • Referrals
  • Website
  • Keep in touch program

I hope there has been some spark within you that really begins to think about this before you dive into other aspects of your business.

Now that your back end is complete in your lead generation system, I cannot wait to see how you implement this into each area of your business. Your authenticity factor is as essential to your business are the walls are to your home. Your authenticity factor is your signature philosophy. It is the reason why a client will choose you today.

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