10 Ways to Ensure Brand Synergy That Sticks

The ultimate purpose of your brand is to create a longtime client relationship. First, your brand creates a curiosity about your service. This curiosity turns into a desire to learn more. Eventually, once you have demonstrated trust and credibility, you will have the opportunity to create a longtime client relationship. In preparation for the union of your service and your future prospect, let’s look at your brand or, if needed, begin to create one.

So, if marketing creates awareness about your products and services, what does branding do? Think of it like an envelope that you are mailing to your best future prospect. Marketing is the envelope that will end up in your future prospect’s mailbox. Your brand is why that envelope will be opened by your future prospect. That envelope has to STAND out as the one to open above all the other boring envelopes.

Here are the 10 ways to ensure that you have brand synergy that sticks:

10. Brand synergy. It is essential that your brand has a deep rooted core philosophy. Your brand is the synergy of your core philosophy and what you promise to all the clients you serve.

9. Speak to your target audience. Your communication is essential to your target audience. Your target market is a group of your best future prospects. They need to know you have dedicated your life’s work to them. You must demonstrate that you are committed to their specific needs. Your service needs to solve one or more of your target market’s key problems.

8. Authenticate your brand. What a wonderful opportunity to make sure that your brand looks like you, walks like you and demonstrates the reason why you get up each and every morning to do what you do. The reason you love to serve is in the authentication of your brand.

7. What is your, “who and do what” statement? The next three brand synergizers are directly from one of my mentors, bestselling author, Michael Port . Michael wrote an outstanding book called, Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even If You Hate Marketing and Selling. In the book, Michael writes, “your, who and do what statement lets others know who you help and what you can help them do”. This is a point when your target market is looking at your brand envelope to decide, is this important in my life at this point? Does this speak to me, or solve a current problem I have?

6. What is your “why you do it” statement? It is vital to have a “why you do it” statement so that your target audience can see if you are fighting to solve their specific issues. Your future prospect wants to know if they connect with you on an emotional, philosophical or spiritual level.

5. What is your tagline? Your tagline is a representative of your “why you do it” statement above. Your tagline is the hook that is short and sweet. Your tagline stands for what is at the heart of why you do what you do every day with great joy. 

4. Self bold expression. This is a time when you seize the opportunity to put your stake in the ground while speaking boldly and passionately about your core mission.

3. Brand mentors. This entails having a small group of business supporters who believe in your work. Mentors support you with advice, sometimes even referrals, and cheer you on your journey to prosperity.

2. What your brand feels like. Your brand should ensure a specific experience for your client. Walk through your client’s experience from picking up a brochure, calling your office and completing the service. Is your brand evident in all of these areas?

1. Does it answer the number 1 question? The number one question in order to have brand synergy that sticks is so simple, yet hands down MOST significant. Drum roll please. The question is “Why?” Every future prospect asks this one question in their mind. WHY should I choose you? WHY should I part with my money? Or, WHY should I open this envelope? Most importantly, why will your service or product make a difference in my life? Is the answer to this question crystal clear in your brand?

Do you remember when you would ask your parents why? They would respond by saying, “because I said so”. Chances are your behavior didn’t change when that was the response. When your parents sat you down and explained why in a clear and reasonable way, you usually understood and therefore you were more likely to change your behavior. Your clients are similar. They need a clear understanding of why in order to change their purchasing habits to your product or service.

It is worth the small amount of time it takes for each small business owner to go through these 10 ways to ensure having brand synergy that sticks. It makes it possible to further develop trust and credibility within your target market so that you will have the opportunity to create many longtime client relationships.

This article was inspired by insights derived from the Book Yourself Solid system.  More tools can be found at Book Yourself Solid or here.


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