Lead Generation, Productivity and Local Markets

Every day presents itself to you as another one to fill with phone calls, outgoing emails, coffee-shop meetings and an occasional “closed sale.” If there were just a few things you could do that might increase the leads you generate – especially in your own local community – what would you want to know? Here are three ways I know you can become more well-known and increase awareness of your product or service in markets near and far.

Generating consumer interest and inquiry is Job #1 for the entrepreneur, founder and ultimately the successful business manager. In a world of increased noise and shorter and smaller attention spans, how do you stand out from the crowd?

1. Pick a position that positions you as the domain expert in your product or service. Decide, now, that no one will know more about a slice of what you do than…you. Enhancing awareness of who you are and what you do may lead people to opt-in to your business and marketing strategies. For example, write one “letter to the editor” of your local newspapers and magazines each month. There, let them know that you read something that was published, and suggest an addition or two to the articles if they were to ever write something like those again.

2. Experiment with co-marketing strategies. Find a business to complement yours and suggest a co-branded marketing attempt. If your business serves breakfast, consider partnering with a restaurant only open for dinner. If you work on the “inside” of people’s homes, consider working with someone who works on the exterior, or on the landscape. The idea here is to double the possibility of people finding out that you exist and introducing them to what you do.

3. Give more away. What are the 4 or 7 or 12 things that you do really, really well? Write that down, and publish in print, on line, and (if possible) on video! For a week or two, listen to the questions your clients ask you to answer. Write them down. Then, answer those questions as much as possible. Consider making your outgoing voicemail “This week ‘s tip…” Your Web site can feature a “Click here to get our 4-steps to a better/cleaner/more ______.” The idea here is to continue providing people with a reason to come back, check in, and send others to you as the source of information.

Becoming known in your community as someone who watches current events and contributes to the dialogue, partners and helps others build their businesses, and provides education AND a product or a service may be the boost you need to generate another few deals this month.

Jason is the author of the breakthrough new book Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More.

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