Find top talent using social media platforms

While the recent outlook in small business hiring doesn’t look as bright as it once did, business owners might not have brought on new professionals due to a lack of talent. Additionally, difficulty in attracting qualified professionals can lead to a reduction in employment, and HR departments should be developing methods to engage with professional leaders in today’s market.

New reports suggest that social media platforms are ideal channels for branding your business as a stellar operation for which to work. When you develop a favorable online reputation as a quality employer, the number of applicants that reach out to your HR department increases and the level of competency of these job seekers improves.

According to Jobvite, some 52 percent of job seekers use Facebook to find work – up from 48 percent a year ago. LinkedIn was used by 38 percent of job seekers, up from 30 percent, and Twitter usage increased to 34 percent from 26 percent over the past 12 months. Even more noteworthy, a quarter of job seekers added professional information to their Facebook accounts in the last year, and 26 percent of professionals updated their LinkedIn profiles to include more content.

The increases seen across the top social media platforms are in response to recruitment tactics that seem to be popular among HR managers. RecruitingTrends indicates that 86 percent of HR departments are likely to request access to the social profiles of candidates they interview, and 24 percent of job seekers say they’ve been asked to share their Facebook information.

With the job market in flux, you need to use digital resources to find qualified professionals to help expand your business, and social media may be the solution you need.

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