Are you correctly using QR codes?

There’s been much debate over the effectiveness of QR codes or “quick response” codes. While some marketers tout the matrix barcode as a divine information provider that can prompt consumer engagement, others believe it is the next dinosaur fad.

While you may be on either side of the fence on the issue, it is important to ensure if you are using the technology to appropriately market it. Here are two tips for using QR codes effectively in a campaign:

1. Educate consumers. Unfortunately, not every marketing strategy is simple. One of the most common agreements heard against the adoption of QR codes is the lack of awareness of how to use them by the general public. According to research from Inc. Magazine, 97 percent of consumers don’t know what a QR code is, in addition to a significant number who are unsure of which smartphone application to use to read the icon. A case study from ArchRival of 534 college students across the nation found that 78.5 percent of the country’s most digitally tuned-in generation did not know how to read a QR code, Mashable reports.

2. Enable sharing. A brand can benefit from calling customers to their pages with an instant connection. By implementing the use of QR codes combined with apps such as Likify, a marketer can have the barcode image send users to the brand’s corporate Facebook page. Branding your business using these connective technologies will enable customer engagement and prompt further conversations in the future, which may even convert into sales.

How do you think your business might benefit from using QR codes?