10 Facebook Page Promotion Tips

You have a Fan Page on Facebook – congratulations! Now you’re ready to promote your Facebook page and ask for the “like.” Here are my Top 10 suggested ways to build your fan base:

  1. Imbed the Facebook Page “Like Box” widget in your website and blog by going here.
  2. Include badge or link to your Page in e-newsletters and your email signature.
  3. Add a custom Welcome Page and add an opt-in form for your email list (See Lujure.com or TabSite.com for do-it-yourself custom pages or you can hire a Facebook page designer to do this for you.)
  4. Add photos from your events and have your fans tag themselves.
  5. Consider using a short 60-second video on your Welcome page to make it more personal.
  6. Create a contest using a third-party app like www.wildfireapp.com, www.NorthSocial.com or www.TabSite.com. Using a third-party app will ensure you abide by Facebook’s strict rules regarding contests and promotions. You can promote the contest using Facebook Ads.
  7. Add a link to your Facebook Page on your personal profile “mini-bio.”
  8. Add a Facebook page badge or button to your personal profile.
  9. Use the Share button (bottom left column of your Fan Page) occasionally to share a compelling comment with your friends and invite them to join your page.
  10. Import your email contacts and invite them to like your Page. This is a super-easy way to start building your fan base. Consider downloading your email newsletter list, client and prospect lists and your contacts on LinkedIn. Then import these addresses and send a Page invitation with a customized note from you. Your “likes” will go through the roof! Import your email list and send invitation to join your Page. On your Page, go to Edit Page > Marketing > Tell Your Fans. Here’s a sample email you can adapt and send to your email contact list:


Example of Personalized “Like Our Page” Invitation to Your Email List

Hello (first name),

I’m currently trying to connect with all of my XXX (insert your business name) contacts all over the social web.

I noticed you were on Facebook and it would be great if you “liked” XXX there so we can stay in touch!

To find us online, go to http://www.facebook.com/XXX – make sure to click on the “Like” button!

I use Facebook to share XXX (insert your business topic) tips, articles, news, and special offers. In addition, I’m actively fielding questions about XXX on the wall and providing opportunities to get feedback on your specific challenges!

On Friday, I’ll be sending out a special discount just for our Facebook fans – so I encourage you to “Like” XXX today!

If you have feedback or questions on how I’m managing it all, or how I could improve, don’t hesitate to email me.

Looking forward to connecting with you on Facebook!

Best regards,

(your name)

Another app that you definitely want to add is called Networked Blogs. Networked Blogs is basically just a listing of blogs.  You can submit your blog URL address and you can also find other blogs to follow. Then, you are targeting your ideal clients or people that are industry leaders that you want to continuously receive updated information from. Load the Networked Blogs application by visiting www.facebook.com/networkedblogs.

Every time that your blog content is updated or a new article is posted, the content will be pushed out to your news feed. Anytime you post a blog, a short snippet of your blog posting will actually appear in your Facebook news feed.  This is how viral marketing starts to work for you.

Facebook Ads

Paid ads are highly targeted and can be used to direct Facebook users to your page, website, special promotions, events and more. Ads are all pay-per-click with a minimum spending of $1.00 per day, so they are very affordable and effective. You will want to experiment with different content to find out which content produces the best conversions. Visit http://www.facebook.com/advertising for details.



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