12 Top Benefits of VoIP Cloud Based Business Telephone

12 Top Benefits of VoIP Cloud Based Business Telephone

Benefits of Cloud Based Business Telephone

Communications undoubtedly are one of the essential aspects of your business. When it’s easy for customers and employees to connect, everyone wins. Web-based solutions, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, seamlessly support clients and teams. Learn how to set your business apart from the competition by exploring the benefits of a VoIP business telephone system.

1. Save Money Across Your Organization

With most VoIP business telephone plans, you won’t pay massive setup or installation fees. Unlike traditional analog phone lines, your virtual phone provider doesn’t need to run additional lines for internet telephony to work. Voice over IP phone services use your existing internet connection, saving you money over the long run.

With hosted VoIP solutions, your overall costs decrease due to:

  • The lower monthly price of VoIP business plans, including free nationwide calling and low international rates
  • No costly private branch exchange (PBX) infrastructure to repair, maintain, and upgrade
  • Potential savings on VoIP equipment and hardware, like softphones or desk phones
  • Reduced travel expenses for employees to attend conferences or meetings, whether it’s across the country or town
  • Quicker onboarding for new remote employees making it less expensive to put people in critical positions

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2. Conduct Business from Anywhere

Can’t make it back in time for a client meeting? Need to close your office temporarily? You don’t need to miss important calls or conferences. Instead, cloud-based phone systems give everyone the flexibility to conduct business from anywhere.

An easy-to-use business application turns any smartphone into a VoIP business telephone. You can make calls or send text messages to clients without disclosing your cell phone number. On the recipient’s end, they’ll see your business number on their caller ID and know it’s not a spam call.

3. Access Enterprise-Level Insights

Phone calls going in and out contain a lot of data about your clients’ preferences. With VoIP systems, you don’t need to be an analytics whiz to develop insights about your organization. When are your peak hours? What’s the average length of calls or your first call resolution rate? Answer these questions using several enterprise-grade features, such as call recording, call monitoring, and call logs.

4. Keep IT Focused on What Matters

On-site systems require ongoing hardware and software maintenance. Your IT teams must ensure lines are secure and phones are working correctly. A power outage or emergency can send IT staff into a tailspin trying to get crucial systems online. With a VoIP system for small businesses, all of your data remains secure in the cloud.

Cloud providers take over the burden of updates, upgrades, and security patches. If there’s an emergency, your IT teams can focus on fixing the problem without a break in your VoIP communication services, as VoIP phones can forward to many different devices not limited by location.

5. Automate Workflows

Automation isn’t just for big corporations. Small companies realize increased savings and productivity improvements by automating various business elements. A few key ways VoIP business telephone systems help you automate processes include:

  • Providers update your software, so you don’t need to worry about it
  • A virtual receptionist answers and directs calls automatically
  • Presence data shows the status of your team members, so you don’t have to guess

6. Put Information at Your Fingertips

Being able to make calls from anywhere is a huge benefit of VoIP business telephone systems. But, VoIP services also integrate with various software solutions your employees use for handling customers. In short, your unified communications (UC) app turns any device into a portable office.

When the phone rings, you don’t have to open three different programs on your home laptop or swipe through several open apps on your cell phone to learn about your caller’s history. By connecting your sales or customer service tools to your cloud phone system, you can access customer data in your mobile or desktop app.

7. Support a Remote or International Workforce

As many businesses have discovered, there can be significant benefits to a hybrid workforce. However, communication can get tricky. Fortunately, VoIP solutions connect teams with clear, reliable phone services. High-definition voice and video combined with the multi-functionality of conferencing features reduce barriers to remote workforce implementation and optimization.

8. Improve Customer Experiences

Customers don’t want to wait. They want convenience and quick answers. Furthermore, clients expect quality care and support regardless of your company’s size. VoIP phone services provide professional greetings, custom menus, and advanced call routing along with instant messaging options.

Interactive voice response (IVR) or virtual receptionists send callers to the right people, while a unified communications dashboard helps you view and prioritize all communications in one spot.

9. Assure Business Continuity

Whether you’re closed for a day or a month, you can continue business as usual using VoIP business telephones. Simply route calls to cell phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops to keep your teams and customers connected. Regardless of the situation, your callers get the support they need, and your teams can keep working from any location or device with an internet connection. Plus, you can set custom, automated messages, so callers stay updated on your latest status.

10. VoIP Business Telephone Features Enhance Operations

Feature-rich VoIP services give you access to a broad range of features that support business operations. For example, cloud-based phone systems allow you to:

  • Take more calls without adding phone lines
  • Reduce disruption through smooth routing features
  • Offer callers employee or department directories
  • Share custom greetings according to a schedule
  • Provide soothing on-hold music
  • Announce the caller’s name before transferring the call

11. Increase Productivity

Whether your staff works from home or in the office, centralizing your communications makes everything easier. The fewer steps it takes to answer calls while pulling up caller data increases productivity and efficiency. Teams don’t have to stop what they’re doing to join a meeting or get answers. They can use the team message feature or jump into a discussion from anywhere.

12. Scale Your Company With Ease

VoIP providers tailor solutions to fit your business size and needs, from changing locations to adding a call center. Many features, such as hoteling, come standard, making it easy to grow without changing your services. But, you can upgrade your hosted voice system within a few minutes without the need for additional infrastructure or hassle.

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