HN Elevates Convention Center Technology

HN Elevates Convention Center Technology with Business Class Connectivity

Convention center show managers and set-up teams often face technology challenges as diverse as the events they host. Though many issues can be solved quickly once identified, valuable time and resources can be lost in the process. The result? A range of unexpected connectivity issues that can interrupt an event and negatively impact exhibitors, clients, and attendees.

As conference technologies continue to evolve, it illustrates the need for a technology partner with the expertise and experience to address these issues before they occur or resolve them quickly, onsite, with a team of experts during an event.

A consultative approach with exhibitors well before the event is essential for mitigating issues before they happen.

Understanding their unique requirements ensures they receive services crafted to meet their specific needs with features and functionality that are affordable and within budget. Rather than solely focusing on internet speed and bandwidth to solve connectivity problems (as many do), a consultative approach considers the client’s overall objectives to optimize services.

Hospitality Network (HN) has a diverse portfolio of connectivity and smart tech solutions that meet the demands of today’s technology-driven events for convention centers of all sizes, as well as the experience and expertise to install and manage them throughout each event.

The Convention Center Industry’s Unique Needs and Challenges

Today’s convention center technology is driven by multiple trends stemming from consumer needs and evolving technological advances. Each of these technologies can bring with them their own unique challenges.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi. Attendees and organizers expect Wi-Fi connections that can handle high-definition live streaming and large, instantaneous file downloads.
  • Interactive displays. Interactive displays are touch-sensitive screens that allow users to interact with digital content in real-time. They are becoming more popular in business conference breakout sessions because they can improve productivity, collaboration, and engagement.
  • Hybrid conferences. Hybrid conferences are events where people attend both in person and virtually. Enabling a seamless experience for both groups requires specific tech and configurations.
  • Internet of Things. IoT devices have both connectivity and throughput requirements that can be difficult to accommodate.
  • Tailored guest services. Every group of guests has its own connectivity needs and wants. Adapting your infrastructure from one event to the next requires unprecedented agility.
  • High connectivity costs. Getting adequate bandwidth or connectivity options often comes with a hefty price tag. This may cause your overhead costs to spike beyond budgetary limits.
  • Complex check-in processes. Exhibitors may have to muddle through intricate log-in portals, manage several devices, and try to keep track of a series of passwords. As a result, checking in and getting connected can be prohibitively difficult.

Resolving these issues can often require advanced technical expertise.

Convention Center Connectivity Challenges

Consider the challenge of providing reliable WiFi in all areas of a large convention center with hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users.

It’s common to experience overlapping signal traffic in a scenario like this when several networks are running at the same time. As a result, internet connections, calls, and videoconferences can suffer interruptions or drops.

One reason for this is that WiFi operates using frequency bands. Each frequency band can handle a limited amount of traffic. The 5 GHz frequency band, for instance, offers more non-overlapping channels than the 2.4 GHz band.

Even with the latest WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 enterprise networks using the 5 GHz band, congestion can occur if multiple exhibitors use the same channels. This leads to signal degradation and performance issues that frustrate show managers and exhibitors alike.

Network congestion can spell trouble at an event. Picture a presenter on stage, ready to unveil a groundbreaking IoT device that requires a wireless server connection. The presentation begins, the anticipation builds, and then… nothing. The WiFi drops out. The presenter is left frustrated as they try to reconnect. The presentation is underwhelming, the brand most likely takes a hit, and the conference becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons.

How HN Solves Convention Center Connectivity Challenges

The above scenario again illustrates the importance of working with an experienced technology partner like HN. HN has been a recognized name in the hospitality industry for over 40 years and has the convention center technology experience and expertise needed to overcome the issues you may face. Odds are, whatever you run into, we’ve likely dealt with it before and have the solution for solving it.

In this example, HN can dramatically reduce the chance of channel congestion becoming an issue by setting up balanced networks throughout the convention center. The balanced networks spread out the channels and bandwidths for each vendor and exhibitor, significantly reducing the risk of congestion.

Then, rather than simply hoping for a fast, reliable connection during the event, your clients will get service and speed they can depend on. Less signal competition means a more dependable and memorable experience for everyone.

HN’s Convention Center Technology Expertise

Cox HN’s goal at an event is to assist you in creating unforgettable technology experiences. Clients and attendees often talk about and share these experiences and they look forward to coming back for future events.

With HN’s expertise in network design, installation, and management, we can provide exhibitors and attendees with the technology solutions they need at an affordable cost. We have experience in powering some of the largest conventions in the country, and we know how to save your exhibitors money without sacrificing speed or reliability.

For example, did you know that you can stream 4K/Ultra high-definition video with only around 15 Mbps and that IoT devices often only need text and basic image data, resulting in less than 2 Mbps being used? HN will evaluate your unique and specific needs to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.

Events are made much more memorable when customized guest experiences are a top priority. We understand the importance of tailoring complete solutions that include the following and more.

  • Reliable WiFi to accommodate the unique wireless requirements of each event.
  • Splash Pages with an enhanced WiFi login process to enrich the guest experience and recoup costs with branded, custom splash pages and redirects.
  • Valuable insights and reports of network performance, user behavior, and engagement metrics.
  • Reliable and robust Internet connectivity for mission-critical applications with dedicated access and high-capacity bandwidth.

The Difference: HN’s Tailored Services

Internet, WiFi, and digital innovation have transformed conference and event experiences. However, it takes more than fast Internet and robust WiFI to make a conference event a success. It takes a team and a technology partnership, and that’s where HN delivers, ensuring that every aspect of your digital technology meets and exceeds the expectations of exhibitors, vendors, clients, and attendees.

From your first consultation to the site visits and through the event itself, HN is there with you for each step of the journey. This is to ensure that each unique requirement is met with flawless accuracy and executed with precision that comes from over 40 years of experience. Additionally, the HN team serves as your on-site tech support, prepared to provide real-time solutions, proactively anticipate potential issues, and ensure operations run smoothly.

Our premium service is not reserved for larger convention centers; it is the same outstanding service we provide to HN clients of any size.

Take the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the Fort Worth Convention Center (FWCC), for example. At LVCC, HN overcame the limitations of physical boundaries by installing the largest Neutral-Host Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in the country. This enabled hybrid conference capabilities and boosted cell reception. The innovative approach expanded the network’s device capacity and the quality of connectivity to over 4.6 million square feet, including more than 2 million of exhibit space.

At FWCC, HN tailored innovative technology solutions to complement the region’s tech-centric culture. We deliver fast, reliable, high-speed internet and WiFi that meets the ever-increasing demands of a city at the forefront of tech growth and innovation.

A Technology Partnership

Make Cox HN Your Technology Partner
For convention centers aiming to transform their events, HN is ready to become your technology partner. With Hospitality Network, you’re not simply enhancing the guest experience; you’re positioning your venue as a leader in the competitive conference and events space, offering show managers the chance to craft even more memorable exhibitor and attendee experiences.

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