How To Become A Instagram Instaguru

Instagram was once just a fun idea born out of a Ph.D dissertation. The concept – to take instant photos and send them like telegrams cast around the world – was supposed to just be an experiment when it was launched in 2009. And for awhile it was – young teenagers who were too young for Facebook were using Instagram to share photos of their cats and dogs, latest manicures, or fancy four star meals.

But as word spread that there was a “Facebook” for photos only, word started to spread about the new way to show one’s personal life narrative – entirely visually. And as internet trends start moving more in the direction of visual, Instagram began to soar. By last December, just nine months after Instagram hit 200 million users, the company now has over 300 million people, with 70% coming from outside of the States, and the numbers are growing. Even faster than Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has over 70 million photos shared every day, and over 30 billion total. The trend didn’t just trend – it soared – and became the fantasy of every startup entrepreneur who was trying to tap into the new age of technology.

Instagram is the new new, and if your company has yet to discover the wonders of the ‘gramming’ market, it’s time to get on board. Instagram is a great way to catch new followings of users you never would have expected would be interested in your product – and the best part – they come straight to you.  With Instagram, you create the image you want; you are entirely in charge of the image you want to create, and with a #hashtag following, you can also catch the audience you want to catch. Even if you already have an Instagram account, it never hurts to get a few extra tips from the Instaguru:


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