How can you generate more leads online?

In lead generation marketing, you have to consider the varying channels that can help you generate the highest return on investment (ROI). While it is easy to think of lead gen as a practice that only works well with paid advertising or retargeting, many other processes have proven to produce similar results, and you shouldn’t shy away from using innovative programs in your next campaign.

Today, there is much more to customer acquisition that putting the brand in front of prospects clients – you need to create a unique user experience.

Online video
In the United States, online video content is being consumed by the masses. According to a recent comScore report, approximately 33 billion online videos were watched in June 2012. These videos ranged from entertainment to advertisements, and you can use this emerging media to spread brand awareness and drive viewers into reacting to the message you are promoting. In fact, in the past few years marketers have developed direct-based options that provide video viewers with calls to action at the completion of the visual content. These actions can redirect viewers to supplementary information if they enjoyed the product or service promoted in the video.

Social media
Social advertising can also drive lead generation. Consumers spend an inordinate amount of time interacting with their family and friends on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and now they have even begun to interact with brands on these social platforms. Therefore, it may be worthwhile for brands to provide viewers with greater incentives to click advertisements on these social sites and then share their impressions with their followers.

What are some digital lead generation solutions that have helped you in the past?

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