Using quality content to generate quality leads

Get people’s attention and improve sales. Those are the goals of lead generation marketing, and there are multiple methods to sell better and generate customer interest.

Whether it is through word of mouth, search engine optimization, website design, social media or advertising, raising a company’s awareness and building a strong customer base should be a top priority. Some business owners don’t think about how valuable the content is when generating quality leads, and you should make sure your company isn’t like that. A lot of elements factor in to overall sales numbers, and giving that a boost starts by raising awareness and bringing customers in.

Generate leads via social media
Every day, the Internet expands and evolves, and you shouldn’t fall behind on the best methods to get the most out of social media. For example, Twitter has become a go-to medium to reach a large number of people, and the quick blurbs and fast-moving content appeal perfectly to today’s goal-oriented demographics.

Ted Prodromou, author and online marketing expert, in an article for Entrepreneur magazine, recommended several great concepts for getting the most out of your tweets and generating the best possible leads.

He stated that one of the easiest way to get leads online is to create interesting media, such as a free report or informational video that addresses customer’s concerns. You should outline changes that might need to happen to make your company better, and welcome discussion and feedback from a variety of social media users. Doing this from the onset has the potential to create goodwill and a positive public image for your company, which can only help generate leads and increase sales.

In the article, Prodromou outlined multiple steps for lead generation marketing through Twitter, and that starts by looking at who follows your business, what type of people they are and what appeals to them. This level of knowledge will help you create interesting content that can have the most success – tailoring tweets to the wrong group of people won’t have any tangible benefits when it comes to lead generation. Knowing this will help you offer a solution to your customers’ problems and concerns – ideally, there is a product in place that already does that, but if not, try to create one.

Additionally, lead generation can be achieved through knowledge and discourse. Twitter is a fantastic tool to educate your customers, especially if your company is of the business-to-business variety, a mutually beneficial sharing of ideas through Twitter has great potential to boost sales. Use social media to link to your website, and provide a unique, quality landing page for customers to find when they arrive. This will provide them with content that is clear and concise and won’t distract anyone or lead them away from the page. Once the customer is there, try provide a method to get contact information from them. Having a way to communicate further, beyond social media, is critical in taking the next step from lead generation marketing to actually closing a sale.

Use Twitter to connect to customers, and say thank you. Nothing helps sales like a friendly public image, and social media is a phenomenal tool to spread the word. Quick tweets, responding to people, sharing links and industry news – all of these help show Twitter users that there are real people behind your account and your company, and this is important for boosting sales. Don’t sell your product on social media just yet – draw people in and use your website for that.

Quality lead generation starts with management
Make your company a thought leader, and this will generate leads and get people talking. According to Forbes magazine, this category of business management involves being at the forefront of industry developments and acting as a resource for other people in the field. Successfully doing this will improve your company across every aspect of marketing, including public relations, content marketing and lead generation.

Content is one of the most important factors for converting leads to sales numbers, and often that element is overlooked when addressing possible changes to a marketing strategy. Use the content to foster leads, and build them in to a growing bottom line. This means providing something of value to a potential lead, so benefits are immediately felt before ever receiving a product or service.

Additionally, strong content can convert leads to sales, and a hallmark of a good business is knowledge about what is stopping people from buying. Content can help do this, and a well-written article or social media post that addresses any possible concerns customers have might just be the push needed to close a sale.

This also means using social media content to your advantage. Don’t constantly add sales pitches day after day – this can actually drive customers away and possibly damage public relations. Interesting and fresh content from your social media posts will help lead generation marketing and improve sales. Being that thought leader when it comes to various Internet media can help set your company apart from everyone else’s.

Don’t force converting leads into sales
When selling, stop selling. That might sound a little confusing, but forcing the issue and coming on too strong is a fast way to turn away a quality lead. According to Inc. magazine, having the right sales team that doesn’t appear to try too hard is key to actually improving sales.

This means you should hire the right people and use the correct tools, like social media, to generate great leads. Build content that feels natural, so attracting sales is what happens, instead of chasing customers to get them to pay attention. People’s methods of buying have changed, and the Internet is a big part of that. Build a website that works for lead generation, and think from a user’s perspective when designing it. This way, you’ll provide an experience the suits the visitor, not the company. In the end, use social media to listen to what customers are saying, then use their feedback to subtly encourage a trip over to your website or blog.

Quality lead generation marketing starts from management and trickles all the way down through a company. What tactics do you use to generate sales, and what changes do you want to make to your business in order to attract better leads?

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