Picking the right employees helps startups with branding your business

For entrepreneurs, hiring staff members is a rite of passage in terms of branding your business. As they celebrate this significant milestone, small business owners should make sure that they do not take this process lightly. Hiring initial employees should be seen as a crucial investment for companies, Inc. Magazine reports. Selecting the proper candidates to join an entrepreneur’s team can be risky, especially for startups, which typically tend to be short on funds. For this reason, small businesses must take extra care and use foolproof tactics when recruiting their first employees.

Given the sheer size of small businesses, choosing the correct candidate for the job is critical, according to The Wall Street Journal. As each employee plays a major role, companies cannot afford to have so much as a single staff member who is not performing up to optimal potential. Having employees who are not pulling their own weight would inhibit operations and ultimately decrease production, causing companies to miss out on making a maximal profit. While business owners could theoretically relieve underperforming staff members of their duties, doing so could cost them even more. By letting an employee go, companies may have to fork over severance pay, in addition to wasting valuable time and resources to find a replacement.

Evaluating your need for positions
Small businesses will have to make wise choices when hiring their primary team players and managing a remote staff. A company’s owner must first determine the initial positions that need to be filled, explicitly planning the tasks that they will carry out, Inc. Magazine states. For startups, staffing resources are limited, which means businesses will have to initially forgo creating excessive jobs, including those of high-ranking executives. They will have to strategically condense a variety of jobs into one role that is comprehensive yet still cohesive.

After small business owners design their essential staff positions, they have to consider their hiring options. The Wall Street Journal suggests that many jobs can now be carried out by independent contractors, free-lance workers or outsourced personnel. A company should look at the roles that they have devised and evaluate whether they must be filled by full-time staff members. Many tasks involving manufacturing, accounting, marketing and design can all be completed off-premise by outside individuals or firms.

Knowing what to look for
By establishing which positions will require a company to hire employees and which ones will not, business owners can then start recruiting. A small business may be tempted to dive into an enormous pool of applicants, examining the padded resumes of corporate’s finest. The Wall Street Journal warns against doing so. This would only prove to be a substantial waste of time and may not even yield candidates who can perform in the unique environment presented by small businesses.

Larger corporations tend to have rigid structure and precise mechanics, requiring staff members to complete limited specific tasks. Small businesses, on the other hand, generally call for employees who can wear many hats, carrying out whatever needs to be done at any given moment. For this reason, those that have worked at brand-name companies are not necessarily an automatic fit for an opening.

Where to find your ideal employees 
The Wall Street Journal states that a small business’ best option for finding qualified staff members is through networking. Asking business affiliates, current employees and friends if they know of anyone who may be up for the job would be beneficial for companies looking to take on new hires. This would simplify a business’ recruiting process by acting as a sort of preliminary screening, provided that these referrals come from those who understand the nature of a company. Additionally, small businesses won’t have to expend unneeded effort into sifting through stacks upon stacks of irrelevant applications. Stop wasting valuable resources and start using smart hiring strategies! Only by looking at the right resumes in the right places will you quickly find the select few that will best serve your companies.

Picking the right employees helps startups with branding your business

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