The Linked Lowdown – 9 Useful LinkedIn Tips

I personally have learned so much from my peers in the social media industry and I continue to read blog posts, how-to’s and listen to webinars and pod-casts daily to stay up to date on (constant) changes in social media. Along the way, I collect pieces of wisdom as they come at me and as I discover my own ‘truths’ and I convert them into little snippets for short ‘tips’ on my More In Media Facebook Page.

I have five social media platforms covered with my tips and I am working with a graphic designer on developing images for a few additional platforms. To date, I give tips about Twitter = S(t)weet Tip, Facebook = Face Value, Pin Point(s) = Pinterest, LinkedIn = The Linked Lowdown and  Google+ = Google Briefs.

Today I want to share some of the LinkedIn Tips my More In Media Facebook fans have seen. This is the image used on my Facebook page with each LinkedIn tip:

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1) The Linked Lowdown: Post something on LinkedIn. Yes…post something! LinkedIn is a social media platform (not just an online resume) and just like you do on Twitter and Facebook, share something you’ve read or something you saw. Join a conversation when you see people talking about a topic that interest you.

2) The Linked Lowdown: LinkedIn finally announced ‘the ability to mention your connections & companies in professional conversations’. Go try it out today!

3) The LinkedIn Lowdown: LinkedIn Networking vs. In Person Networking:

Professional head shots, branding & graphics = Dressing for success.

4) The Linked Lowdown: 100+ million professionals on one platform. Networking from your office, home and while mobile. Splendid resource for a new business owner. Continuously updated address book and contact guide… Are you there yet?

5) The Linked Lowdown: How often do you log in? Do you use LinkedIn as an online resume, or do you use it as a social media platform (as it is designed to be)? Start today by logging in, posting an update and by making five new connections! You can do it. Now repeat…

6) The Linked Lowdown: Online rumors are flying that LinkedIn ‘endorsements’ will soon be a thing of the past. We’ve cautiously endorsed those that we’ve worked with, but we prefer the recommendation function as a much more accurate and personalized way to help a business relationship along.

7) The Linked Lowdown: Lots of great things are happening on LinkedIn in groups! If you have not joined any groups, or if you currently are not active, go check them out! An added benefit: you can invite those new contacts in your group you’d like to get know better to connect with you. No email addresses needed, just a sincere and personal invitation.

8) The Linked Lowdown: How often do you participate in discussions in LinkedIn Groups? How often do you join a new group? If your answer is ‘never’ or ‘seldom’ go take a closer look at LinkedIn groups. It’s a great place to connect with and get to know new professionals.

9) The Linked Lowdown: Update your profile often. Little tweaksd go a long way. Add a new image, a skill, a new title. Any changes you make will be noted and added to the weekly LinkedIn update sent out to your connections. It’s one small and easy way to get your name in front of your connections.


What’s the BEST LinkedIn tip anyone has ever given you? Please leave me a comment if you are willing to share it.


photo credit: Coletivo Mambembe via photopin cc



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