6 Key Principles To Creating Connections

We often believe when marketing our business, sales will come flooding in. When we see that it isn’t the case and sales are rather lacklustre, we decide to step up our marketing efforts to increase sales. However, the truth is that marketing doesn’t create sales. What it does do is create awareness. Let me give you an example.

You provide service for home appliances. You do some advertising offering a special deal on washing machine repair. People see the ad, but they are not in immediate need of your services. Their washing machines are absolutely fine, spinning and cleaning beautifully. No sale made! Does that mean they will never require your service? What strategies do you have in place to ensure that people call you when their little undies are caught in the washing machine and it stops spinning?

If they haven’t made a connection with you, how do you differ from the other appliance servicing company down the road? It’s important for any service business to understand that there are six keys to creating connection as taught by Michael Port. These keys will help generate leads for your business and work towards bringing prospects into your sales cycle.

The six keys to connection are simply Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

Who are your target clients? Looking for and identifying your target clients make it easier for you to find them, understand their compelling desires and market specifically to them. Your target market will feel as if you deeply understand their needs and are dedicated to them.

What are they looking for? Understand what kinds of products and services you can offer to your clients that will address these urgent needs.

Where are they looking for you? Where are your potential clients within your target market looking for you – magazines, online, through referrals? Knowing where they look for you is a very important aspect of reaching your clients. By knowing this, you can specify your marketing efforts and gear it toward these places in order to generate leads for your services.

When are they looking for you? A prospective client will only contact you when they need you. It’s important to stay in front of your prospects at all times. Use email marketing to send tips and advice about how to keep your washing machine in tip top shape. When the inevitable happens and the washing machine breaks down, guess who they will contact first? Yes, that would be you!

Why should they choose you? You’ve already started building trust in your services by sending tips and advice to your prospects. By reaching out to them, you are enhancing your credibility with the prospect and he or she will reach out to you first as soon as they need your services.

How do you want them to engage with you? When potential clients have learned about your business, how do you want them to engage with you? Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to visit your website and sign up for your newsletter? When a client signs up for any of your free offers, they will place themselves into your sales cycle which, in turn, will give you the opportunity to market to them with permission and generate leads for your business.

Are you still relying solely on marketing items to get sales? Apply the six simple connection creating keys to your business today to generate more leads. Not only will you be creating a direct connection with your potential customers, they will be creating a direct connection with you. And that is a direct path to increased top quality lead generation.

This article was inspired by insights derived from the Book Yourself Solid system. More tools can be found at Book Yourself Solid or here.

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