7 Keys to Being & Doing Your Best

It’s not just about having special talents or being lucky when it comes to being successful.   People have a tremendous capacity to influence their own outcomes.   The key is to hard work and be smart enough to listen to what other entrepreneurs, professionals and friends site as reasons they succeed.   Here are 7 keys to use in your ongoing journey to improve and exceed:

1. Just Do It – Do not procrastinate.  Challenge yourself to address the tough stuff as soon as possible.  Every barrier can be overcome, be persistent.

2. Choose Passion – Doing something that you believe in is the best motivator you can have.  Many times passion is not a top driver.  If you want to sustain your energy, doing something you love or that excited you will give you lasting determination.

3. Utilize People & Resources – There is an abundance of knowledge and people who’ve been there before.  Tap into your current and join new networks.

4. Practice Makes Perfect – It’s simple, frequency makes you an expert.  Be hands-on.

5. Be Bold & Innovate – Don’t be afraid to take some risks (calculated, of course).  In order to innovate, you have to try new things and be creative.

6. Recharge Frequently – Life is not just about work.  It’s essential to turn it off so you don’t burn out quickly.  Taking personal time has shown more focus and better engagement during times when you are hard at work.

7. Disciplined Time Management – As you grow, your time shrinks.  Learning how to say no and prioritize how you spend your time and energy will make optimal productivity.

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