Mobile marketing helps small businesses thrive

Many small business owners rely on mobile marketing strategies to help their companies flourish. Entrepreneurs have realized that smartphones and tablets likely represent the next great shift in technology and want to position themselves as early adopters to gain advantages over their competitors.

Going mobile is particularly beneficial for owners who operate in small areas because they can target consumers based on geographic locations. Larger companies tend to struggle with this task because their reach is simply too broad to focus on specific markets. If anything, mobile marketing actually gives small businesses an edge over large chains and corporations.

For instance, Evie Poitevent, who owns Feet First, recently experienced a surge in sales thanks in part to her mobile strategy, according to USA Today. The shoe store is located in New Orleans, which hosted the Jazz and Heritage Festival in April. Unfortunately for attendees and fortunately for Feet First, it rained for most of the festival. Poitevent quickly capitalized on the weather by taking pictures of her merchandise and then posting the images with hashtags like #rainboots and #jazzfest. The only real problem was an embarrassment of riches as demand for boots shot through the roof.

“I knew there would be a feeding frenzy for rain boots. We had a stampede of women coming in,” she said.

Poitevent’s efforts show exactly how to use mobile marketing to your advantage. She used the festival and the rainy weather as an opportunity to launch a campaign that targeted smartphone users in the area. As a result, her store was sold out of rain boots in approximately two hours, the news source reports.

This is a replicable model that all small business owners can use. Entrepreneurs have to carefully position themselves in mobile search rankings by targeting specific consumers, as Poitevent did by going after festival goers. Most importantly, professionals have to decide on the most opportune moments to launch their campaigns.

The importance of analytics
That’s not to say that every mobile marketing effort will be a surefire success. As with all advertising channels, it’s crucial that small business owners carefully watch their analytics and track responses to determine what’s working and what requires improvement.

That said, actually measuring the effectiveness of a mobile marketing campaign isn’t exactly simple. Inc. Magazine says that because consumers use their mobile devices for specific purposes at certain times, you can’t track actions like you do online. The news source goes on to point out that you should carefully examine messaging, apps, ads, context and cross-media impact. The first three are relatively self-explanatory in that the categories refer to how leads respond to promotional content through texts, apps and banners. Context includes the location, time and gadget of the user who accessed your business’ site. Finally, cross-media impact is how much influence mobile marketing has over your other channels. For example, placing Quick Response codes on print materials shows that you want to emphasize mobility.

Do you think mobile marketing is the wave of the future?

Mobile marketing helps small businesses thrive
Mobile marketing helps small businesses thrive
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