Improving the ‘About Us’ page on your small business website

One of the most essential components to running a successful small business is establishing an effective website. With more consumers going online to find out about your company’s products and services or even to complete transactions, it is imperative that small business owners ensure a well-crafted and well-maintained site. One of the most important aspects of any website – and one of the most underrated marketing strategies for small business – is the ‘About Us’ page. This page typically ranks either at the top or among the most visited portions of many websites. However, small business owners often neglect this page, devoting neither the time nor resources in developing an impressive ‘About Us’ segment. Here are some tips on how to describe yourself and your business on  your website.

The customer is always right
While you might want to talk about yourself and your company – and on some level this is important to establish a deeper level of engagement with potential customers – at the end of the day, customers care about what they receive. Inc. Magazine reports that while the page might say ‘About Us,’ what the customer is really thinking is how they can make this about them, namely what solutions and benefits they stand to receive from your products or services. Figure out what customers are actively looking for when they come to your company and do your best to convey this on this page.

Be original
With literally hundreds of thousands of company websites floating around the digital universe, it’s not surprising that templates are often used in crafting ‘About Us’ pages. This inevitably leads to a mass of similar, cookie-cutter pages. Being unique could result in higher conversion rates from customers looking to discover more about your company only to be hooked by a unique and creative design. Additionally, original content and design will ultimately result in more successful Search Engine Optimization results, Blue Acorn reports.

Use facts, not fluffy superlatives
Adjectives often comprise the majority of many ‘About Us’ pages, where companies try to use words that describe them in glowing and overwhelmingly positive terms. However, just because a company calls themselves world-class, visionary and state-of-the-art doesn’t mean they are actually so. Instead, Inc. Magazine recommends using facts and actual accomplishments to describe your company. Let the audience make the judgment on what your small business stands for. If your company is really as impressive as you think it is, consumers will figure it out.

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