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How to Select A Business Security System – 5 Questions to Ask

How to Select A Business Security System

You spend a lot of time making sure that your business can compete in the fast-moving marketplace of today, but are you taking the steps necessary to protect what you’ve built. with a reliable and dependable business security system

Whether you believe it or not, you have information that is worth stealing. Between payroll, health insurance information, and employee and customer logins, there is a lot there that can lead to a big score for hackers and physical attackers if you’re not careful about how you secure your data.

Hiring someone to handle your business security system or installing a system that helps take care of that seems like a natural next step. However, taking the steps to protect yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be protected if someone decides to attack your business.

Asking the right questions of your business security system provider is the best way to make sure you’re protected in the worst-case scenario.

Here’s are a few questions to ask any company who wants the job of protecting your business.

1. What Happens if the Business Security System Fails?

We spend a lot of time talking about what a business security system can do for you. There’s a lot of attention spent on bells and whistles like 24/7 monitoring, but you need to make sure that when you need it, your business security system is ready to perform.

In a typical smash and grab, you need to know whether or not your security system will notify the appropriate parties before it goes offline. If your security panel isn’t configured to let the right people know before it goes offline, you have a serious problem.

Beyond that, know whether or not your business security system can withstand a direct attack. Make sure your backups are being transferred to the cloud, not just stored locally.

Beyond that, know how difficult it is to make repairs if something in your system fails. Do you need to send it in, or can someone come to repair it? Understand how much risk you open yourself up to if the worst-case scenario were to happen.

2. What Type of Monitoring Does the Company Use?

Next, learn what kind of monitoring is in place to ensure any security red flags get addressed. If someone is trying to break into your system, make sure that you’re aware and appropriate steps are being taken.

When it comes to your business security system, make sure that you have 24/7 monitoring in place. If you’re not in a position to respond to threats as they happen, then you might as well not have the security in the first place. Make sure your business security solution is up to the task, and you’ll sleep secure.

3. What Non-visible Features Are Used to Protect Your Business?

When you’re planning a security system for your business, it’s natural to focus on obvious deterrents. If you have a camera watching over an area, then it’s pretty safe to assume that the area is covered.

Unfortunately, attackers think differently. Yes, a visible security device serves as a deterrent. But, it also announces to the world that this particular area is covered by a security system.

If you’re using security cameras, for example, it’s obvious what you are and are not covering. Thieves can take advantage of these blind spots. And, while the presence of cameras will neutralize many threats, you won’t catch thieves that specifically target your camera placements.

Visible security can act as a deterrent, but it also makes it easier for an attacker to circumvent your efforts. Hidden camera placements and other systems can make sure that no matter what happens, you still have the footage you need to find an attacker.

4. Can You Integrate Your Mobile Device Into the Business Security System?

In today’s connected world, you can stream just about anything to your mobile device.  Your security system should be no different.

Can you access your webcam footage from anywhere? Can you push footage to your mobile device so that you can make a judgment call about whether or not an intruder is someone on your staff, coming back to pick something up after hours, or an actual threat to your business? Empower yourself to make the call.

5. What Guarantees Can They Provide That Your Business Is Protected?

At the end of the day, a business security solution is there to protect you, so what guarantees are in place to make sure that you are protected? Nobody can guarantee that your business won’t be attacked, but a security provider should be very clear about what the level of responsibility they’re prepared to assume. Not having an explicit discussion about what you are and are not covered for is a major warning sign that your business security solution may not be up to snuff.

What You Can Do Right Now

Protecting your business from attacks needs to be at the forefront of your mind, and a business security system can help you lighten the load. However, before you jump into a business security arrangement, make sure you answer a few important questions.

  • What happens if the business security system fails? Are there fail-safes in place?
  • What kind of monitoring is in place? How quickly can you respond to a threat?
  • What hidden systems are in place to protect you? Can you catch someone trying to defeat your security?
  • Can I integrate my device into the system?
  • What guarantees do you have that my business is protected? Do you put your money where your mouth is?
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