How to Get to the Top of Your Game — And Know When You’re Already There


When are you at your best? What does that even mean? The Oxford Dictionary defines “best” as the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality — and performing at your best means making things happen throughout your workday. What steps can you take to get to your ideal best?

A good way to get to your best, and to know what that looks like, is to analyze and explore the habits and routines of the world’s best.

Take a look at world-class athletes, successful entrepreneurs, and amazing community leaders. What you will notice is that they almost always share a common philosophy. Their approaches and tactics may differ, but their underlying habits and practices reflect powerful shared values. Once you’ve identified these proven routines used best in the game, you can get specific.

Think about the specific conditions that allow you to be your best.

Think about your most productive days — what did those days have in common? Did you eat breakfast, go to bed early, work in a particular kind of environment?

Think about specific things that you can do the  night before, the morning of and throughout the day to be at your best. If you work best with checklists, try using this one.

To discover when you’re at your best it’s crucial to know how the world’s best have done it, but it’s also crucial to reflect on what happens when you’re at your best. These two steps can help you get there.


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