Finding your unique selling proposition

It is commonly said that necessity is the mother of invention, and this maxim should never be far from the mind of any executive hoping to cultivate the largest market for a new product. It is important to remember that whoever you are, whatever industry you’re in, you are not selling a particular product, but a solution. This means that when you take on the task of marketing your business, your goal should be to offer your customers an elegant answer to a vexing problem.

This is where your unique selling proposition (USP) comes in. Your USP is your strongest tactic for selling a given product or service, and it is vital that you get it right. Before you can do that, though, you need to understand how USPs work.

Straight as an arrow
When you start marketing a product online, your landing page spearheads your attack. This page is where consumers land when they click on your link and where your ads lead to. This page is ultimately your best pitch for whatever product or service you are selling, and it is centered around a perfect USP.

In this way, your aim should be to craft the perfect sentence  – or two, but almost never more – that will drive a consumer to buy your product. In these dozen or so words, you should be focused on making a persuasive case for how your product or service will provide an ideal solution to a problem your potential customer has, even if he or she doesn’t know it yet.

Won’t take ‘no’ for an answer
When done correctly, your USP will be exactly the motivation your targets need to act. They arrived at your landing page for a reason – presumably because they are interested in your product – so the sell doesn’t necessarily need to be a hard one. Instead of a forceful push, your USP should act as a piece of rational, indisputable logic that no one can ignore.


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