3 tips for using your brand page to tell your company’s story

Many brands have turned to Facebook as a way to increase their exposure and form relationships with new customers. Many experts believe that taking this approach is a great way for businesses to “tell the story of their brand,” but specific, action-oriented advice about how to do so is harder to come by.

How can you use your brand page to tell your company’s story?

When people talk about brand engagement, they often mean very different things. However, in terms of Facebook pages, the meaning is a little more straightforward: brand pages can help you market your business and connect with customers by presenting a personable, narrative-based representation of your company.

There is a huge variety of ways that this task can be accomplished, but in general, they all center around a few core concepts. Here are three tips for using your brand page to tell your company’s story.

Refine your language

Although your brand page’s visual elements play an important role in displaying your company’s image, the words you use are equally – if not more – important. It is particularly crucial to use cohesive language that reflects your brand’s personality and mission.

The way you talk about your company’s story does more than provide your customers with an understanding of your history and missions, it defines the way they think about you. Think of your brand as a person and use language that embodies that sentiment. The more your brand page mirrors a conversation, the more likely your customers are to visit it regularly and enjoy positive experiences.

Use pictures

After you’ve chosen a voice for your brand page it is time to turn your thoughts to the visual realm. Forbes reports that 65 percent of people are visual learners, so picking images that help your customers learn about your company’s mission can be incredibly effective. Although pictures of natural beauty can lend elegance to your page, pictures of people are almost always more successful at engaging users. Find pictures that demonstrate your company’s character and watch as more and more customers flock to your brand page.

Ask questions

If you are aiming for engagement, it is important to make the discussion a two-way street. Regularly ask questions of your customers and solicit their comments and concerns. Ideally, your brand page should be a place where your loyal customers go to not only learn about your company, but to have their voices heard.

How have you used your brand page to share your company’s story? Share some of your best tips in the comments below!

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