Common mistakes made by content marketers

Content marketing is becoming a competitive strategy for boosting a business’ visibility in the modern age. A recent study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 75 percent of all United States internet users consume news online – the fourth most common internet activity. Regularly updating the content on your website allows for greater lead generation marketing and enhances your brand.

Here are five common mistakes made by content marketers:

1. Planning too far into the future. Scheduling set projects and content deployment too far into the future can decrease the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. Creating the content months in advance of its deployment on a website will decrease its effectiveness at optimizing current industry news trends.

2. Failing to use best SEO practices. Search engines are constantly updating to provide users with a more organic experience. Consequently, marketers must advance their strategies to ensure the most current search engine optimization (SEO) practices are being deployed when crafting content. For example, current SEO standards promote the use of keywords organically in the title of a piece and naturally throughout the entire article.

3. Posting the same content everywhere. Content marketers can no longer write an article and post it to numerous directory websites. The practice is not only frowned upon by those looking for new, updated content about a topic online, but is also no longer relevant with the release of Google Panda. Articles posted to many different article directory websites are failing to achieve the same page rankings as original content.

4. Forgetting to enable sharing. Part of the power of content marketing is the ability to share articles. Americans are increasingly likely to share news with friends via social media outlets or their mobile devices. Content marketers need to capitalize on these user trends when crafting marketing strategies for small business. By enabling easy sharing, a company’s news or copy may reach more potential customers.

5. Boring an audience. Readers, even those in the industry the content is communicating about, will skip over a website if the news or copy is presented in a boring tone. Keep people engaged by using the appropriate brand tone and presenting information in relatable language.

Content marketing is an evolving industry that requires marketers to remain up-to-date about best practices to avoid both large and small blunders.

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