Chris Drago on Applying Innovative Marketing Concepts to Drive Business Growth

Approaching marketing as a B2B advertiser can be vastly different from consumer marketing. The sales cycle is often slower and the audience slimmer and more targeted. But that doesn’t mean you have to eschew using the tools and platforms that are revolutionizing the consumer marketing industry.

We recently spoke with Chris Drago, Head of Media for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He’s at the forefront of applying innovative marketing concepts to the powerful growth of this relatively new company (HPE was formed in 2015 when Hewlett-Packard split into two companies). He speaks to the importance of not over complicating your approach and meeting customers where they are.


  • The customer should always be your North Star. Presenting curated content ensures that you don’t bombard your audience, which by its nature is already finite and super targeted.

  • Social data can be invaluable for a B2B brand if used correctly. Let it inform content creation so that you’re not just talking to yourselves, but giving the customer what they’re asking for in an organic way that is authentic to your brand.

  • Focus on doing fewer things better. It’s easy to get distracted by the fragmentation of approaches, but the ultimate aim is to develop relationships with your customers.



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