Bonin Bough On The Evolution of Digital Marketing – Inside Business Video Series

The landscape of marketing in the modern age is diverse and often overwhelming. Consumer choice is at an all-time high, and brand loyalty is hard to generate and even harder to maintain. Determining where to put your manpower and money in an environment that is constantly evolving presents numerous challenges to the traditional marketing department.

At a recent Brand Innovators event, we had the opportunity to speak with Bonin Bough about this new frontier in marketing and how organizations both large and small can leverage it to revolutionize their marketing by truly engaging with the consumer to drive enthusiasm and relevance for their product.

Bonin Bough is one of the most highly regarded marketing professionals in his field and is well known for his innovative approach and for having been at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution. After stints at high-profile companies like Mondelēz (formerly Kraft Foods, Inc.) and PepsiCo, he has launched himself head first into a number of projects that seem poised to be transformational for the industry at large. This new focus is centered around harnessing the power of messaging technology to create real-time insights through personalized, data-rich consumer interactions.

For Bough, it’s less about tapping into a new iteration of digital marketing and more about following customer attention. Messaging is the primary way today’s consumer interacts with the people that matter most in their lives. So, it stands to reason that placing your brand in the arena of communication that the customer actually cares about is the fastest way of getting them to, in turn, care about you. Why aren’t more companies doing it then? “Most leadership is not willing to admit that they don’t know what this new world looks like and that they’re afraid to learn,” Bough says.


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