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What drives more traffic to mobile applications?

The rate at which users are moving to mobile engagement over traditional web browsing is fast increasing. However, the content that resonates with consumers the most has strong social ties, especially when it comes to mobile applications.

3 examples of SEO “worst practices”

There are numerous articles on the web that offer search engine optimization tips to help improve your standing online. While many of these publications suggest that SEO can be done in a few simple steps, the truth is the practice requires constant attention.

Direct mail is still worthy of your attention

The marketplace was once a simpler space. Marketers reached out to buyers and told them about the products and services they had to offer, and consumers sat back and waited for these brands to speak with them directly.

3 practices to avoid in SEO

The world of search engine optimization has advanced quickly, and some business owners were left behind. If you are one of those professionals who is just getting up to SEO-speed, there are a few basics you’ll need to know before you begin posting content to your website.