What it takes to have a strong SEO strategy

Marketing your business through an effective SEO strategy takes due diligence, persistence, and a diverse range of content.

Content marketing has been taking the business world by storm as of late. Beyond simply marketing directly to consumers through 30 second commercials and billboards, many companies are focusing their campaigns online. But this kind of marketing does not come in the form of pop-ups or sidebar notifications – content marketing is often done through the company’s own website.

It may seem counter-intuitive to advertise for your own site, after all, the point is to drive traffic to it. However, the key in this case is not so much to have people seek out your site specifically but select it among the hundreds of other sites that would also turn up when people search for your company. This can be difficult with so many businesses offering offering similar services, so the key is to distinguish yourself through the content on your website.

Content comes in a multitude of forms. It can be as simple as a hard news story, a creative blog piece, or even an infographic or video about your company or the industry in which you operate. No one form of content is better than the other as each medium has its positive and negative aspects. Infographics for example, offer a very easy way for people to process information, while a news story can be informative and explain information in a way that would not otherwise be communicated.

The question then becomes what should be the best strategy to employ? Well, there is no easy answer, because it takes diligence and and a diverse spread of content to keep your website fresh and SEO high.

Part of a successful SEO strategy comes in being able to consistently provide fresh content on your website. This means that there should be at least one new piece of information per day so as to keep your content topical and interesting to the people who visit your site. This will also help you move to the top of the search engine results as your new information will be more relevant.

However, simply making sure that your information is new is not enough for successful SEO strategy. You also  need to make sure that the information that you are providing is hitting the keywords that people are likely to search when looking for your company. If you are a shoe store, you obviously want to make sure you talk about shoes in your content, but you also want to look at words that may bring people to the idea of shoes, such as fashion.

To keep things fresh and make sure that you are in fact making the most out of your content marketing strategy it is important to diversify the information that you are providing on your website. This means striking a good balance between the kinds of content that your are using, but also varying the length of it as well.

This is important because even if you have a solid keyword strategy the content needs to make sure that it reflects the various elements of your strategy. This also involves making sure that the topics you cover are diverse as well so that the keywords are used effectively, as search engines can tell when they are being used redundantly.

While content marketing is a smart and inexpensive way for businesses to generate leads and market effectively, it does require the proper effort to make sure that it is being used properly.

What strategies have you used to improve your SEO?


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