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While at SXSW Interactive, Social Media Expert Joel Comm sat down with Bryan Kramer for a short conversation on social media and the importance of a human touch. Kramer is the CEO of the full service digital marketing agency Purematter and previously popularized the hashtag #H2H. The hashtag, which stands for “Human to Human,” went viral.

“It’s about human conversation – how to speak human, It’s also about simplicity, empathy and the imperfections in life.”
Human to Human speaks to the importance of humanizing social media interactions. Even as a brand or company on a social platform, you need to show that there is a real person behind the computer.

“Who are the brands you love most online?” Bryan asked. “The ones that speak back and answer. It’s [about] actually getting a response.”

Brian made the excellent point that corporations are driven by humans, so there is no reason not to show that there is a person running your social media accounts.

“There is a person tweeting behind every brand, I want to know who that human is,” he added.

Kramer’s philosophy extends beyond customer service – you need to show everyone who interacts with your brand that you are listening. Whether someone is evangelizing, bashing or inquiring about your company, you want to respond appropriately. Of course, there will be times when not responding may be the best course of action. However, a tasteful response will usually help your company cover its bases and feel more accessible to future customers.

If the human behind the screen needs to shine, then the importance of whom you hire to run your social media also increases. For optimal H2H, you want that person to not only have social media strategy skills, but also a sense of humor.

If you want more of Brian Kramer’s advice, you can pick up his new book entitled Shareology this summer to see just why sharing is empowering the human economy.

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