3 tips for lending credibility to your online content

One of the most difficult aspects of online marketing and content production for many people is sounding authoritative. Because there is such an immense pressure to produce regular content across a wide range of subjects, it is easy to feel like you are writing from well outside your comfort zone. However, these doubts can weaken your content and ultimately undermine your marketing strategy.

It is helpful to remember that most people generating online content aren’t strictly experts or even writers. Understanding that the key to good online content lies in your ability to connect with your audience and produce engaging copy, it is crucial that you develop a few techniques for making your tone as authoritative as possible. Doing so can help you attract new consumers, foster online discussion with your loyal customers and even launch a viral marketing campaign.

Here are some tips for developing an authoritative online voice.

Develop an understanding
One of the most straightforward methods for achieving a definitive writing voice is to educate yourself about your common topics. Ideally, you should already have a head start on this goal, as you are likely blogging or producing content about some aspect of your industry or professional life.

However, as you begin producing more content, you will naturally begin to exhaust your knowledge, so it is important to continue finding more sources of information. Not only will this help you become more confident in your approach, it will also provide a great way for you to devise more topics and raise the level of your discourse.

Make it fact-based
Many people run into trouble when they begin pontificating or writing more generally. Avoid this by making sure you include real facts and link to reliable sources that support or extend your point. Your audience will be grateful that you are not simply providing them with your musings on a given subject, but instead providing them with usable information and data.

Ideally, you should be encouraging your readers to keep up with your posts by incrementally building a cohesive body of information. Again, this will serve two purposes: keeping readers coming back and improving your credibility. If you touch on the same topics repeatedly – diving more deeply into them each time – you will begin to sound less like a standard blogger and more like an expert.  Linking to other posts you’ve made can help you create a self-sustaining ecosystem to which people regularly return to learn more about your thoughts.

What have you done to make your online content more authoritative? Share your best tips in the comments below!

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