2 tips to reduce employee stress at your small business

Stress is an unfortunate but inevitable aspect of any company or small business. Chances are unexpected outcomes will crop up, causing a great deal of undue pressure for your employees. According to The Grindstone, 71 percent of American employees consider their workplaces to be significant sources of stress, while 10 percent believe that job stress reduces their productivity. Here are some tips to help your employees reduce their stress levels and to help you in managing your small business.

Foster collaboration
One way of reducing stress levels is to lean on each other for support, both moral and actual tangible help. According to Inc. Magazine, mentoring sessions have been proven to be huge stress relievers. Have each of your employees work together in teams on projects. These teams don’t have to be large – even one-on-one discussions can foster collaboration. Once employees learn that they can turn to a fellow colleague in times of need for assistance, the overall stress environment at your office will decrease significantly.

Promote success
While success is obviously a desired goal for every business, some companies choose to highlight these achievements more frequently than others. The news source notes that taking the time to recognize achievements – instead of just immediately moving on to the next goal – demonstrates to each employee just what they’ve contributed toward the company’s success. There is a fine line to walk though, as too much emphasis on success instead of goals can lead to swollen heads.

How has your company reduced the stress levels at the office?

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