2 tips for improving your email campaign

Essentially since the internet’s birth, emails have been a crucial part of marketing strategies for many businesses. With their ability to engage consumers directly and share a wealth of promotional materials, emails cannot be ignored by companies hoping to retain their customers and expand their reaches. However, with so many new promotional avenues available – social media, content marketing and mobile ads, to name a few – you might assume that emails have fallen out of favor among marketers, but this appears to not be the case.

According to a recent study from StrongMail, more than half of the marketing executives surveyed said they plan to prioritize emails over other marketing programs in their 2013 budgets. Clearly, emails remain essential components of any marketing initiative, so here are two tips for marketing your business by improving your email campaign.

Incorporate different media
The days of solely text-based emails are long gone. Instead, you should aim to include at least one video, infographic or other visual element to your email. Not only will this help keep your recipients engaged, but it will also improve the shareability of your content, which will help you reach a broader group of potential customers.

Keep the copy tight
Of course, you will need some words in your email. This copy should be short and to the point, though, and mesh well with the other elements of your email. You should keep your email’s messages limited in scope – focus on one or two elements like a specific promotion or piece of news.

“The message needs to be clear and consistent from the subject line to the email headline and skimmable body copy,” Tim Watson, operations director at smartFOcus Digital, told Inc. Magazine.

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