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10 Big Reasons To Shop Local Small Businesses

Here Are 10 Big Reasons Why it Matters to Purchase from Local Small Businesses

The demand to shop local small businesses is becoming a growing movement across many niches and industries. Here are 10 important reasons why shopping at the local small business in your community is not only important but also helps to create a more vibrant and sustainable local economy.

1. Builds Local Communities

When you support that local business, you are supporting your friends, family, and neighbors. These business owners are the people that you smile at while grocery shopping, play within local community sports events, and wave at in hello when going to get the mail. The local business that you support will help contribute to their livelihood in the community, as they in turn help improve your livelihood by offering high-quality products and services that you desire.

2. Strengthen the Local Economy to Promote Future Growth

When you purchase local products in abundance, those small business owners will see the community as a desirable place to continue growing their business. They may open other shops, provide additional desired products, and encourage other business partners to come to the same community. Then more money gets placed into local city funds from business taxes that can revitalize neighborhoods and lure more people to relocate to the area due to available job growth. A small business can be a big boost in helping the economy as well as local schools, libraries, and public services.

3. Local Small Businesses Add Character to Cities and Towns

A small business or boutique shop adds character to the city or town when you walk by. Many business owners will do something quirky or unique to the outside architecture to further promote their product or service theme. This additional attention to detail becomes a selling point when branding their business, and brings an appealing visual appearance to the community.

The business can be pleasing to the eyes and other senses instead of just looking like all the other regular towering grey office buildings. The character of the business can further promote an exciting vibe for visitors and guests. The local business also can add something different and one-of-a-kind to the area, which breaks up the monotony of dealing with the same old thing.

4. Creates More Jobs and Opportunities

A local business that becomes a success will grow, as they will open up more job positions that will be filled by local employees. In addition, the local business can lure other companies to seek profits in that same community. Other corporations with similar products and services will begin entering the regional market, spurring local competition that can cause lower prices and better product quality. So you obtain more options at the right prices that fit into your budget.

5. Tax Dollars Stay Local and Reenter the Community

A thriving community relies on local tax dollars to maintain the infrastructure, beautify neighborhoods, and help support important local programs and initiatives. Every time you purchase a product or service from a local business, the owner will pay their share of local business taxes into the community. Your money stays in the community and reenters it to contribute to a positive economic structure.

6. Fosters “Real” Connections with Local Owners and Employees

There is a certain dynamic between local business owners and their employees. They can foster real connections with each other. The business owner has a better sense of the skillset and experience of the employee, as well as their future work goals based on what is offered in the community. The business owner can help build stronger career opportunities, competitive wages, and employee benefits so their employees are happy and motivated while engaged with their work.

On the other side of the business relationship, employees are more appreciative of a local owner who cares for the economic welfare of their communities. When they know that the local business owner is active in making the community better through their investments, taxes, and philanthropic activities, the employees are more inclined to offer better productivity and customer service work to continue to make the business a success.

7. More Personalized Customer Service

Ever walk into a local store where the owner knows all of their customers by their first name? They are friendly and engaging as they talk with their customers about their lives and what the person may need today. This personalized customer service behavior is found more with small local businesses than with larger corporations who only see you as another nameless customer with a bank account.

A local business owner can offer you more personalized customer service, as they provide better advice about products and services. In addition, they are sometimes willing to provide demonstrations about how the product works and offer additional advice so you have the best experience with the item.

8. Making Priceless Memories when Visiting and Shopping Small, Local Businesses

Even today, some people make it a habit to go down to their local business district to enjoy a lazy weekend going window shopping. They will check out what new businesses have entered storefronts, what tasty free food samples are available, and enjoy the overall relaxing atmosphere.

Some local businesses will hold wine tastings, product demos, product samples, and special events on the weekend to draw in the crowds. These activities can create priceless memories when taking the entire family shopping, even if you are just visiting the stores without purchasing anything. You can also score great deals and promotional coupons to use later when you need to purchase something.

9. Diverse Businesses Can Draw Tourists and Neighboring Communities

A unique, diverse small business can be a benefit to your local community. Since they offer other products, foods, and services that are not usually common to the area, it can draw in tourists who are looking for something amazing when visiting the area. Even when the tourists go back home, the small business can still continue to attract people from neighboring communities. These people may not have a store that is similar in their region, as they are willing to take the drive out to get the products and services at great prices

10. Local Small Business Encourages Local Entrepreneurship

When a local small business owner becomes a success in the community, it can be the right encouragement for other people to take the plunge and also become local entrepreneurs. They may take a unique angle with their products and services so that what they offer complements another local business, providing cross-selling opportunities for both business owners.

Also, many local business owners are willing to provide advice and mentorship opportunities with local entrepreneurs. Since they understand the corporate world and already dealt with all the hurdles and roadblocks on the way to becoming a successful owner, they can lend their knowledge to the entrepreneur so that the new business owner is equipped with the right tools and resources to grow their own companies.

Shop Local and Gain the Benefits

There really isn’t any downside when it comes to shopping locally. Business owners will always evaluate their local and national competitors to try to offer higher quality products at the prices that consumers can afford. They are invested fully in making the community and economy stronger. With a strong economy, more people will move to the area and purchase products or look for work opportunities. This circumstance increases the owner’s profits and provides a more highly educated workforce.

As a local consumer, you can see the products up close and sometimes try them out to see whether they are of good quality. Then you can select the ones that are a better fit into your lifestyle. You know your money is benefitting your community, making the business stronger, and building up the local economy so it is sustaining. Another great benefit is that you can form great relationships with local business owners which will increase the customer service experience you have when walking into their stores.

So take a moment and walk along the street to visit your local store. Make your community stronger.


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