What makes content king?

If you’re looking for search engine optimization tips, you’ll likely come across a bunch on the web. However, much of the advice you find online talks about content marketing in generalities. Self-proclaimed SEO experts say that content is king, but what does that entail, exactly? It’s an easy enough concept to understand – high-quality content attracts leads and retains their attention, while at the same time improving search engine rankings. But how can you turn your content into praise-worthy writing? Consider these three tips.

1.) Know your style – The best content on the web is a reflection of the publishing brand. It may be attractive to try and use a style of speech that you feel is more lively, but if it sounds forced, readers will catch on to that. In content marketing, embrace your tone and voice – make it as much a part of your brand as your logo and products. When your personality is communicated through your blog posts, your readers will be better able to relate both to the information and your company.

2.) Diversify your content portfolio – Content has evolved over the past year, emerging as a vague term for what business professionals post to the web. For a beginner just immersing himself in content marketing, text articles may be the entirety of his campaign. However, it’s time to evolve and introduce a new mix of materials, including infographics, video content and interactive social experiences. Make sure your next campaign is spread across a wide array of platforms, and that each piece can easily be shared across popular social networks.

3.) Tell your readers – Marketers know the benefits of calls to action. These short, concise phrases are often used in every type of marketing, and content should feature its own type of action-related phrase. A lot of new SEO campaigns seek to inform readers, which isn’t a bad thing, but few articles go as far as telling readers what they should do after they’ve engaged with the piece. Don’t be afraid to instruct your customers on what their next move should be. In some cases, this extra push can be enough to encourage leads to convert and make purchases.

It’s time to look at content marketing as an actual ROI driver. Make sure you’re using your communication skills to the best of your ability, and upgrade your content marketing campaigns to include various types of information spread across the World Wide Web.

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