Use new methods for the age-old goal of creating customer relationships

Although the rapid growth of content marketing, social media pages and mobile-consumer targeting is important for all businesses to watch closely, many experienced marketers believe that a traditional tactic – building consumer relationships – remains the most important element of a successful marketing campaign heading into the new year.

“I believe relationships will be the most valuable asset for any professional or brand in 2013,” Rebecca Murtagh, founder of Karner Blue Marketing, told The Business Review.

The time-tested value of fostering strong relationships with consumers remains as essential for brands today as it did decades ago, and many businesses are planning to renew their dedication to building these connections.

However, this does not mean that companies will be paying less attention to the new online marketing channels that have proven so effective. On the contrary, business leaders across the country are looking for creative ways to combine the new with the old.

Here are some of the best ways to use new marketing strategies for small businesses to build enduring relationships with customers.

Don’t be afraid to change course
It is easy for companies to feel like the online marketing path they choose has been set in stone. Committing to a well-funded and carefully planned content marketing campaign, for example, can lead some executives to believe that they have invested too much time, energy and money into the plan to change course. However, if nurturing strong relationships with consumers is your goal, it is important to remain agile and adapt your strategy to incorporate lessons you learn along the way.

For example, if your customers show you they are not interested in reading your blog, it would behoove you to try a different tack before committing yourself more completely. One way to do this is to regularly ask your customers for feedback. Which posts did they find the most value in? Where are they regularly engaging with your brand? The answers to these questions can help you gear your campaign more closely to what your most loyal customers want.

If connecting with your customers is important to you, going mobile is your best bet. Every day that passes, mobile devices outsell traditional computers at a faster rate. Increasingly, these devices are where you customers are reading your emails, “liking” your Facebook posts and buying your products.

“Mobile computing now outsells desktop and is pulling away fast,” John Fitzpatrick of Enable Labs, told the source. “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, get one.”

How are you planning to build relationships with your customers? Share your thoughts below!

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