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There are many effective ways to make people aware of what products and services you have to offer. However, one of the most effective tools for lead generation in the Book Yourself Solid arsenal is what is referred to as the always-have-something-to-invite-people-to offer. As you design your strategy for your sales cycle process, use this strategy to direct your potential clients to get to know you so that they will be willing to test out your business foundation.

The beauty of the always-have-something-to-invite-people-to offer is that you are not doing any selling. You are merely inviting people to participate in something that you offer for free that may be relevant to them. When you invite them and they say yes, you have been given permission to share your free offer with them. There are some small business owners who have doubled their income through the use of this one strategy where the likelihood of generating qualified leads is greater than the usual cold calling methods.

The other benefit to using this strategy is that it helps you in developing your personal brand. It will become a reflection of what you stand for. With this additional brand building activity you will also be building your credibility in the market place.

You have many options regarding what your free offer will be. Some business owners have had webinars or monthly in-person meetings which have been a great source of lead generation. You can start with a free weekly teleseminar. The purpose of your teleseminar needs to be about something relevant where there is no selling by you or any of the other participants.

For example, Michael Port, author of NY Times best seller, Book Yourself Solid, has used this very strategy and encourages the use of it in his mentoring program. Every week, he hosts a weekly one-hour teleseminar which he calls the “Think Big Revolution. ” During the call he brings up a topic for 15 minutes regarding ways the callers can be more successful in business and in life. Then the participants ask questions and make comments for the rest of the hour.

Here is another example of how the always-have-something-to-invite-people-to offer has been utilized according to Book Yourself Solid. A man who was a personal trainer and a healthy-eating chef was not able to maximize his income potential. After implementing his monthly Fitness Fiesta for Foodies, where he would host a party and teach his guests how to prepare healthful meals and stay fit, he was able to demonstrate his knowledge and people were interested in his program.

The key is that the always-have-something-to-invite-people-to offer has to be free and it must be done on a regular basis so that your event will remain top of mind with potential clients. The lead generation that comes from this one strategy is not only good for booking business and increasing sales, it builds your credibility and strengthens your brand. It becomes an engine of lead generation that you will enjoy having in your marketing arsenal for years to come.

This article was inspired by insights derived from the Book Yourself Solid system.  More tools can be found at Book Yourself Solid .

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