mobile marketing strategies

Dominating the local search game

We know it’s critical to rank highly, if not at the top, of local search rankings, so here’s how you can get your small business to beat out the local competition in the quest for that top spot.

The Rise of The Enterprise App

Typically, when you think today about the potential for massive success in the mobile application market, your thoughts center around apps marketed directly to consumers.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in mobile marketing campaigns?

Mobile gadgets provide smartphone and tablet users access to a vast assortment of information. People commonly use these devices to access the internet, play music, watch videos and much more, and business leaders can invest in mobile marketing strategies to reach their target audiences.

2 tips for getting more from social media

Social media already comprises a large role in many companies' viral marketing campaigns, mobile marketing strategies and increased engagement efforts, but according to several recent studies, it is expected to rise dramatically over the next five years.

3 tips for a mobile holiday promotion campaign

Before the holidays officially start – before shoppers pile into stores or surf the web looking for the best deals – is the time for businesses to market their holiday promotions and engage with their customers.

How are customers finding you online?

Mobile marketing strategies often involve some kind of social media application or text message blast. But more unique visitors use map services on their mobile devices today, and your outreach efforts should take this consumer trend into consideration.

What drives more traffic to mobile applications?

The rate at which users are moving to mobile engagement over traditional web browsing is fast increasing. However, the content that resonates with consumers the most has strong social ties, especially when it comes to mobile applications.