Offline marketing remains important for businesses

As a business owner, marketing my business is a priority. Without a clearly defined and well-developed strategy, my competition may swoop in and claim the attention of my target audience. Therefore, I have plans set in place to attract leads to my business by providing information to encourage them to make purchases

While much has been said on the effectiveness of internet marketing, I have learned that a well-balanced approach to lead generation is the best way to go. The fact is – a high number of consumers may be online, but the people who don’t engage on the web every day are just as important, and they are somewhat harder to reach. I argue that offline advertising should remain present in the minds of business owners everywhere, even with much of the industry’s attention on search engine optimization and content marketing.

According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, 22 percent of global consumers purchase products or services online, while the remainder sticks to offline sales. In addition to buyer behavior, product research remains an important aspect of the sales cycle. According to the source, 32 percent of global buyers research online and offline before making a purchase. Neglecting offline behaviors to accommodate online trends can prevent a business from achieving greater success.

Offline marketing should remain a top priority, and I believe television promotional spots aren’t the only engagement pieces you should implement in your efforts. Print media can influence consumers greatly, given that magazines and newspapers are often purchased by Americans from varying economic backgrounds. In fact, a well-designed magazine ad may be the perfect way to increase loyalty for your brand.

I realize the value in offline marketing, do you?

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