Meet the different groups of your online customer base

Every business knows that their customer base is not a uniform group – it typically includes individuals of varying traits and tendencies. Because of this, treating your clients as if they all behave in the same way is likely to cause you to sacrifice one type of consumer in favor of another. This is especially true in terms of marketing, where understanding your customers’ habits is essential for success.

In the realm of promoting your business online, it is crucial that you understand the different types of customers you have and the best ways for reaching them. Doing this effectively, of course, means knowing how they engage with the internet and how you can best reach them.

Essentially, marketing your business online means having a firm grasp on the different ways people are approaching their connectedness. Luckily, this specific subject has become a crucial area of study for many marketing firms and large companies. In fact, Broadcom, a leader in the realm of wired and wireless communications, recently performed a study about the different types of connected individuals that can help companies better understand their customers.

Read on for insight into the different types of connected personalities.

Always on
A growing segment of the American population – about 8 percent – is considered to be nearly always connected to social media outlets and other avenues of communication. This group relies on the internet not only to interact with friends and family members, but also to shop, research items and engage with brands. People in this section of the population are likely to be early adopters, active participants in online culture and heavy sharers. Therefore, it is essential to court these individuals if you want to start a viral marketing campaign.

Active users
Although less tied to their devices than the previous group, these “live wires” rely on digital communication on a very regular basis. Comprising more than a third of the U.S. population, it is important to get your promotional messages and marketing campaigns to these people, as they are likely a large part of your customer base.

Less connected than the two aforementioned groups, these consumers are engaged with the online world, but to a significantly smaller extent. They are unlikely to own a smartphone or post content to the web, but they are still an important part of your audience. Creative ways to reach this group – direct emails, shared items and so forth – can help you get your message across. Often, this entails leveraging the success you have had with other, more-engaged groups.

How have you tried to reach the different types of connected individuals? Share some of your insights below!

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