K-12 Education Solutions from Cox Business – Interactive Guide

K-12 Education Solutions from Cox Business

As a K-12 school leader, you understand the role technology now plays in educating children. Public, private, and charter schools all face a fundamental shift in how they deliver services both on campus and remotely to ensure that students, faculty, facilities, and applications are seamlessly connected and secure.

As we think about technology and education, what does a successful, truly connected school look like today? Imagine a robust fiber internet solution that fuels connectivity to multiple locations, moving information faster and more securely in managed cloud-based applications that free up valuable IT team resources.

Imagine teachers accessing new classroom technologies with cloud desktop applications and remote learning, all protected by backup and security protocols in the cloud. This includes programs that make home internet accessible to all eligible families. Imagine an innovative school campus equipped with computer vision cameras that provide 24 7 monitoring, smart lighting that saves energy, and curbside kiosks that can improve the flow of carpool lines and event traffic.

These innovative solutions all work together in an integrated manner using Cox Managed Services, easing the burden on your IT teams. Our team of experts guides you through matching the right solutions to the individual needs of your school. Creating a well-connected, high-performing, innovative school starts with a simple click or call.

Unlock the Future of Education!
Cox Business has decades of experience providing all types of K-12 schools and districts with integrated end-to-end solutions that help students and teachers thrive.

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