How To Protect Your Business From Physical & Digital Security Threats

Protecting staff, property, and assets is a priority for every business. However, many businesses are dangerously ill-equipped or uninformed about risks—leaving them vulnerable to a wide range of potential threats. While changing technologies present new, ever-evolving data security concerns, wireless technologies are also the key to preventing and recovering from threats to businesses.

Every company wants to protect its staff, property, and assets; security is crucial to business success. However, not every company is well-equipped or well-informed enough to adequately safeguard itself from dangers, especially the more insidious threats to data.

Physical security threats such as theft, violence, and disasters have always been an issue for enterprises. But as Internet and particularly wireless and mobile technologies continue to advance, becoming ever-more present in business, new threats to security arise. Companies who are unaware of and unprepared for potential digital security issues risk serious data leaks and website hacks. In fact, Trustwave’s “Security Survival Guide for Growing Businesses” paraphrases a truism from the security industry: “There are two types of companies—ones that have been breached and ones that don’t know it yet. Happily, technology also provides many tools—especially wireless technologies—to help businesses prevent and recover from threats, whether physical or digital.

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