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Cox Connects Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for Tenth Year

Recently, Cox Communications, Cox Business, and CoxHN welcomed CES exhibitors and attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), providing critical high-speed broadband, managed wifi, and advanced convention services for one of the world’s most influential tech events, the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. Cox has supported the show with its advanced network infrastructure for over a decade.

As global technology leaders converged in Las Vegas for another year of showcasing breakthrough technologies, high-speed internet availability was paramount to the success of the show, from powering large-scale interactive exhibits to ensuring the 130,000-plus attendees stayed connected throughout the city.

CES by The Numbers

As the numbers below show, CES 2024 continues to be a soaring success.

Source – By the Numbers, CES 2024 was ALL ON, and Way Up

  • Between 30% to 40% of exhibiting companies displayed enterprise solutions.
  • 2.5-plus million net square feet of exhibits, a 15% increase over CES 2023, filled CES 2024 venues.
  • More than 4300 exhibitors, including 1400-plus startups at Eureka Park, displayed their solutions.
  • Of the 135,000 or more attendees, a record of more than 40% came from 150 countries, regions and territories.
  • 5000-plus global media and content creators packed the show’s media centers and extensively covered the show.
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies were represented.
  • More than 250 conference sessions, with more than 1000 speakers, explored virtually every aspect of the tech that’s impacting the industry and the world’s populations.

Go Deeper: CES Infrastructure

CES attendees and exhibitors have come to expect reliable wired, wireless, and cellular connections at CES, and Cox delivered with:

Cox Connects Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for Tenth Year
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  • 2,800 Wifi Access Points, enabling a fast, dense, and high performing wifi network that covers every inch of the show space
  • 802.11ax Technology, ensuring higher speeds over longer distances and access points that support a higher number of devices
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS), delivering complete indoor cellular coverage
  • 5GHz Wireless, providing faster data rates with less interference
  • High-capacity broadband, going straight to the convention floor, with enough connectivity to transmit more than 1.2 Gigabytes per second.
  • Redundant, Dedicated Fiber, bringing dual 10-gigabit connections to the convention center to help ensure secure, reliable communications


Cox’s Impact in Las Vegas

Cox’s connectivity solutions reach far beyond the Las Vegas Convention Center. Cox Business also provides phone, internet, and IT solutions to power many of the city’s major event spaces and venues.

As a member of Cox’s Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) program, Las Vegas is equipped with Cox’s “smart community” solutions, which optimize logistics with connected streetlights, intelligent parking, and a video analytics solution that creates more efficient and safer loading zones. 

“As the technology partner for the past decade, Cox has been an integral part of the Las Vegas Convention Center experience, ensuring the highest performing network that keeps hundreds of thousands of attendees connected,” said Jady West, Vice President of Hospitality for Cox Business. “CES is the pinnacle of the convention calendar and we’re proud of our role in powering the show.”

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