Content Marketing for Business – Data Shows Emotion Trumps Reason [Infographic]

Common sense tells us that business buyers are primarily interested in the business value of a product. We think that unlike B2C buyers, who are more emotionally invested in products they use, B2B buyers care more about detailed product specs, competitive differentiators, and value propositions.

Right? Wrong!

As it turns out and this infograhic from Kapost shows, B2B brands actually drive significantly more emotional connections than B2C brands.

Of the hundreds of B2C brands researched in this study by Google, the CEB, and Motista, most have emotional connections with 10%-40% of consumers. Meanwhile, B2B brands elicit an emotional connection with more than 50% of their buyers. So much for common sense.

But how, exactly, does emotion impact the purchase decisions of B2B buyers? Take a look. (See Larger Image)

 business value vs. emotionBrought to you by Kapost





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