4 tips to improving workplace productivity

In my professional career, time management is an essential quality. Whether marketing my business or executing mundane tasks, I need to plan each day carefully or else nothing will get done. Technology adds another complex component to the equation, as it speeds up communication but also offers a significant amount of distractions. I cannot count on one hand the amount of times a Facebook notification has swayed my attention away from my work, and sometimes those alerts snap me out of my groove altogether.

In order to keep your days on track, you need to develop a schedule that allows you time to tend to your personal life, but more importantly, your business. Here are four tips that have helped me reduce workplace distractions every day.

1.) Tackle the day head on – Whenever possible, I try to wake up a little bit earlier to tackle the more annoying tasks in the beginning of the day. Instead of pushing tasks off, I find that diving right into the harder parts of running my business helps me wake up, get in a groove and makes the remainder of my day more relaxing and stress free. While this is not always possible, especially when surprise issues arise in the middle of the day, finding the courage to avoid procrastination can help make room for additional projects throughout the day. Additionally, the earlier these tasks are started, the fewer number of emails, calls and other interruptions will disrupt workflow.

2.) Break it up, break it down – If you are in charge of a large project that spans across several weeks, it would be wise to allocate time each day to chip away at the task. Instead of procrastinating and pushing portions back toward deadline, you will find success is easier to come by when you focus your full attention on the minor details leading up to the due date.

3.) Plan ahead – Another great tip requires you to save one thing for the end of the day – making tomorrow’s schedule. I find that if I take a few minutes at the end of the day to write a list of everything I need to accomplish tomorrow, I come in with a clear idea of what needs to get done and when exactly I should tackle those tasks.

4.) Personal health – Getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy and exercising regularly may not seem like actions that help productivity, but without a rested mind and a healthy body it can be difficult to get work done. If you want to position your company for success, make sure your body is capable of helping your mind along the way.

These four tips can help you improve productivity in your office.

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